No. A-32014/1/2002/MF.CGA(A)/Gr B/Vol.III/224
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
Controller General of Accounts
Lok Nayak Bhawan
Khan Market
New Delhi -- 110003
Dated : 14-5-2008
Office Memorandum
Subject :
Transfer on promotion as Junior Accounts Officer and Pay &
Accounts Officer
Reference is invited to this office circular no. A-
32014/1/2002/MF.CGA(A)/Gr B/Vol.III/Policy/316, dated 20-3-2003 as
modified vide subsequent circular no. A.32014/2002/MF.CGA(A)/Gr.
B/Vol.III/Policy/1155, dated 5-10-2004, and other connected instructions,
regarding posting of staff on their promotion as Junior Accounts Officer and
Pay & Accounts Officer.
2. Working of these circulars/instructions has been reviewed in the
light of difficulties faced by this office during the last five years in
expeditiously filling up of vacancies at various stations. It is noticed that
some of the aspects of the circular dated 20-3-2003 have been perceived
as toning down or limiting all-India transfer liability of the candidates though
this was not the purpose of the circular.
3. It has therefore been decided to supersede the aforementioned
circulars/instructions, so that there is no misunderstanding about all-India
transfer liability of the candidates. It has also been decided to dispense
with the practice of inviting station-options from the candidates. All
candidates are liable to be posted anywhere in India on their promotion as
Junior Accounts Officer or Pay & Accounts Officer, as per administrative
needs and their all-India transfer liability under the statutory rules
applicable to them. The candidates falling within the zone of consideration
must therefore prepare themselves for posting anywhere in India.
4. However, if a candidate is having any particular station in mind
where he can adjust himself with lesser difficulty in the event of his
promotion resulting in station-transfer, he may on his own intimate such
station to this office. Similarly if a candidate's case is covered by Deptt of
Personnel & Training, O.M. No. 28034/7/86-Estt.(A), dated 3-4-1986
regarding posting of husband and wife at the same station, the candidate
concerned may bring his case to the notice of this office. Such information

must reach this office well before the candidate's posting is decided, so
that it is taken into consideration while deciding posting as indicated in para
3 above.
This office is aware that most of the candidates who are
transferred on promotion to another station, have their roots in their
previous stations and would therefore like to be posted back to those
stations as and when it becomes possible. All such requests for change of
station will be considered sympathetically keeping in view inter-se seniority,
duration of outstation posting, availability of vacancies and administrative
considerations, but the candidate concerned must, in the first instance, join
the promotion post at the station where he is posted on promotion, so that
the vacancy at that station does not remain unfilled.
6. It is further made clear that this office is generally not in favour of
permitting the candidates to refuse promotion because this results in delay
in filling up of vacancies. Such refusal can be permitted only in exceptional
cases where the Controller General of Accounts is satisfied that request for
refusal, is not for the purpose of evading outstation posting, but is due to
circumstances which render it impossible for the person concerned to
move out of his present station of posting, as in the case of life-threatening
diseases [cancer, chronic cardiac disease having gone through bye-pass
surgery, tuberculosis (exemption for one year only), etc], It is therefore
advisable that the candidates should join the promotion post in the first
instance and then apply for change of station as indicated in the preceding
paragraph. It is otherwise also in the interest of the candidates concerned
to join their promotion post at the earliest because promotion is effective
from the date of assuming charge of the promotion post.
7. Refusal of promotion, where accepted by the Controller General
of Accounts, will result in debarment as provided in Deptt. of Personnel &
Training, O.M. No. 22011/5/86-Estt.(D), dated 10-4-1989 as amended from
time to time. These instructions also provide for compulsory enforcement
of posting orders and initiation of disciplinary proceedings against persons
who do not comply with the orders. The debarred employees will not be
allowed to go on deputation during the period of their debarment, and after
expiry of this period, they may again be posted at outstation. In other
words, refusal of promotion would give them temporary relief but they will
not be allowed to escape all-India transfer liability.
8. While enforcing all-India transfer liability, this office may make
exceptions in case of female employees, or employees having major
physical handicap, or where services of any particular employee are
needed at the Headquarters (which consists of CGA office, INGAF and
CPAO for the purpose of this O.M.).

9. Ordinarily, tenure of outstation posting will be two years for
North-Eastern region and three years for other stations. However, subject
to stipulations made in para 5 above, it will be possible to seek transfer to a
preferred station before completion of tenure.
10. Those officers not joining the allocated stations on promotion
within two months from the date of issue of promotion order by the
concerned Ministry/Department will be debarred for promotion and
deputation for one year. After the period of debarment, they may again be
posted at outstation.
11. Apart from the above instructions relating to all-India transfer
liability on promotion as Junior Accounts Officer/Pay & Accounts Officer, it
is mentioned that this office is also following the policy of making inter-
Ministry transfers of SrAOs/PAOs and AAOs/JAOs on completition of four
years tenure in one Ministry/Department after which they are transferred to
other Ministry/Department. This policy will continue to be followed, except
that in case of posting to Ministry of External Affairs, tenure will be two
years for a SrAO/PAO and three years for a AAO/JAO, after which he/she
may be posted to another Ministry/Department.
12. This O.M. comes into force with immediate effect.
13. This O.M. has been posted on the CGA’s website so that it is accessible to all concerned. However, the
CCAs/CAs may please also circulate its paper-copies.
(U.S. Pant)
Jt. Controller General of Accounts
All Pr CCAs/CCAs/CAs
SrPPS to the CGA
PPPs to the Addl. CGAs