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No. C-13015(73)/MF.CGA/CPSMS/2013-14/025 ‘5
3RD Floor, Shivaji Stadium
New Delhi-110001
Dated:- 21St May 2014
Subject :- Open tender for supply of Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2013 (OLP!
There is a requirement of following software in this Office. Sealed bids are invited only
from Manufacturers(OEM)/authorized re-sellers of OEM for supply of software as per the
following specifications :-
Sr. Details of Software required ' . Quantity
No. Required
1. Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2013 SNGL OLP 150 (with 30
(79P-04748) replica media)
2. The Bid shall consist of :
a) Technical bid; as given in Annexure-I
b) Financial Bid shall contain:-
Price bid in prescribed format as per Schedule-I of this document.
3. General Terms and commercial conditions of the contract are given in Annexure-H
4. Period of Bid Validity :
Bids shall remain valid for 30 days after the date of Bid opening Any Bid valid
for a shorter period than the period specified shall be rejected as non-responsive.
5. Last date & Time for receipt of Bids :
The last date for receipt of Bids is 09th June, 2014 till 3.00 PM . Bids
will be opened same day at 3.30 pm. '
6. The prescribed tender document consisting of (i) Technical Bid(Annexure-I) and (ii)
Financial Bid(Schedu1e-I), Sealed separately in two different envelopes, superscribing
“Technical Bid” and “Financial Bid” as the case may be, and placed in a duly sealed
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big single envelop superscribing “Bid. for Purchase of Software” may be
submitted in person or, by registered post/speed post so as to reach the PFMS CPMU,
3rd floor Shivaji Stadium Annexe Building, New Delhi-110001 asperthe time
schedule stipulated for receipt of bids at para 5 above.
7. Late Bid:
Any delay, even postal delay, in the receipt of Bid would be considered late
submission of Bid and summarily rejected.
8. Tentative time schedule for the Tendering process
Sr. Description Tentative time schedule
1. Date of publication of NIT 22.05.2014
2. Last date of submission of bid documents 09.06.2014 at 3.00 PM
3. Opening of Eligibility Criteria 09.06.2014 at 3.30 PM
4. Display of qualified/unqualified bidders 12.06.2014 at 11.00 AM
5. Opening of Financial Bids of qualified bidders 12.06.2014 at 03.30 PM
1. Annexure I
2. Annexure II
3. Schedule I
4. Check-List
Yours Faithfully
(Manoj Kumar Sharma)
Accounts Officer(PFMS)
Ph. 23343860
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Minimum Eligibility Criteria for evaluating Technical Bids
1) The bidder should be an OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer)/Authorized Dealer
/Distributor of OEM.
The Bidder quoting as Authorized Dealer/Distributor of OEM should furnish authorization for
Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2013 OLP signed by the OEM.
The bidder should be a “firm” registered in India and should be in existence for the last five (5)
years as on 31.03.2014. A Photocopy of the registration duly self-attested by the bidder shall
be provided.
The bidder should have supplied 50 licenses (or more) of Microsoft Office Software in a single
order during last five years(copy of the supply order should be attached).
The bid should be accompanied by EMD amounting to Rs. 2,50,000/- (Two Lakh Fifty
Thousand Only) by way of Bank Draft in f/o Accounts Officer, PAO, O/o CGA . EMD of
unsuccessful bidders will be returned without any interest Within 30 days of award of work.
However for successful bidder the same will be returned after successful supply of the Software.
Copy of PAN Card, VAT Registration and/or Sales Tax Registration Certificate, duly self
attested shall be provided.
The bidder should not have been black-listed by any Government Ministry/department. A
certificate on company letterhead, stating that the bidder hasn’t been black listed by any
institution/organization/society/company of the Central/State Government
Ministry/department, or its Public Sector organizations with company stamp and signed by
authorized signatory should also be submitted.
The bidder should have a minimum annual turnover of Rs. 1,00,00,000/- (Rs. One Crore Only)
during the last three years for the period ending 31.03.2014. Copies of the ITR shall be
submitted in support of the claim for turnover.
The bids of the firms who do not fulfil any of the above eligibility criteria shall be summarily
rejected and their financial bid shall not be opened.
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General Terms and Commercial conditions of the contract
1. Bid Prices:
The prices shall be quoted in Indian Rupees only.
11. The prices shall be quoted for destination and no additional cost for delivery will
be entertained and this shall be inclusive of all taxes, duties etc.
iii. The prices quoted shall remain firm and fixed for the duration of the delivery and
shall not be subject to adjustment on any account.
iv. The prices should be inclusive of 30 replica media of the product with no extra
2. Correction of errors
In the process of evaluation of Financial Bids, following procedure will be adopted for
correction of errors:
1. Where there is a discrepancy between the rates in figures and in words, the rate
given in words will govern.
Where there is a discrepancy between the unit rate and the total cost, the total cost
arrived at by multiplying the unit rate to the quantity, will govern.
The amount stated in the Bid will be corrected in accordance with the above procedure
for removal of errors and shall be considered binding upon the Bidder. If the Bidder does not
accept the corrected amount, the Bid will be rejected, and the Earnest Money shall be forfeited.
3 . Bid Evaluation and Award Criteria
The price bids of those bidders, who fulfil the minimum eligibility criteria as mentioned in
Annexure-I, will be evaluated as under:
i) The Purchaser shall award the purchase order to the bidder whose offer has
been determined to be the lowest evaluated bid for bid as a whole and is
substantially responsive to the bidding documents, provided further that the bidder
is determined to be qualified to perform the Contract satisfactorily.
4. Purchaser ’s Right to Vary Quantities
At the time of placing supply order the purchaser reserves the right to increase or decrease
the quantity of goods from the quantity originally specified in the Schedule of Requirements.
5. Delivery Period: Within 04 (Four) weeks from the date of issue of supply order.
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6. Delivery Locations
The items required shall be deliverable at PFMS CPMU, 3rd Floor, Shivaji Stadium Annexe
building, New Delhi-1 10001.
7. Payment Terms:
No advance payment shall be made. Payment will be released normally within one
month after receipt of delivery of the goods as per the prescribed technical specification with
delivery challans and receipt of Pre-receipted bills in triplicate.
8. Purchaser ’s Right to Accept 0r Reject Any or all Bids:
The purchaser reserves the right to accept or reject any bid and to annual the Bidding
process and reject all Bids at any time prior to Award of Contract Without thereby incurring any
liability to the affected Bidder or Bidders or any obligation to inform the affected Bidder or
Bidders of the grounds for the Purchaser.
9. Other Terms & Condition :
i) The Department reserves the right to reject any bid/tender process as a Whole Without
disclosing any reasons.
ii) Any disputes arising out of this tender will be under the jurisdiction of courts of Delhi
10. Performance Security:
The EMD of the successful bidder shall be kept as performance security till the supply of
the ordered items is executed successfully.
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Schedule I
Sl.No Descnption of item Qty Unit Rate VAT Total
(Rs.) %
01 Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2013 1501(W1th 3O
SNGL OLP (79P-O4748)
Total Price
Only) inclusive of all taxes and duties.
We confirm that the prices quoted shall remain firm and fixed for the duration of the
delivery and shall not be subject to adjustment on any account, It is further confirmed that
comprehensive warranty period of equipment supplied is at least for five years as per para 9 of
Annexure-II has been taken into consideration.
We also confirm no deviation from the terms and conditions of the contract.
Seal of the bidder
Contract Address and Tel. No.
Signature of Authorized Signatory
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Check list of enclosure:-
Certificate from Microsoft.
Company Registration certificate supporting presence for five years in India.
Copy of supply orders for having supplied 50 or more licenses of MS Office in a
single order.
ElVID amounting to Rs. 2,50,000/- (Rs. Two Lakh Fifty Thousand Only) in f/o
Accounts Officer, PAO, O/o CGA.
Certificate for not being black-listed.
Copies of the ITR in support of turnover.
Financial bid in the enclosed format.
Copy of CST/V AT and TAN No., Service Tax Registration No. etc.
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