Invigilators in the examination hall should check the following points in
addition to the other duties assigned to them by the Presiding Officer in respect of
the candidates of the row allotted to them.
(a) The Invigilator should verify the specimen signature of the candidate, duly
attested by the candidate’s Head of Office, with the signature recorded by the
candidate in the Attendance Sheet;
(b) He/She should verify the Index Number of the candidates as recorded in
the Letter of Authority issued to the candidates by the Head of the Office and the
Index Number written by the candidates on the fly leaf of the Answer Books.
(c) He/She should also ensure that the photograph affixed on the Letter of
Authority is of the candidate giving the examination;
(d) Each Invigilator will have to put his full name, signature and date in the
appropriate place in the diagram showing the seating arrangements in the
examination hall;
(e) Each Invigilator should also ensure that the candidates fill up columns
1 to 12 of the OMR Answer Sheet as per the instructions printed on the
reverse of the OMR Answer Sheet and that no column is left blank by the
candidates. Special care should be taken to ensure that the candidates fill up
columns 9 (Index Number), 10 (Booklet Code) and 11 (Subject Code) and
also that the bubbles darkened by them match the Index Number, Booklet
Code and Subject Code written by them.
(f) Responsibility will be fixed for failure to comply with the above