No.G.25014/ 131/2013/MF. CGA/IAD/ _Ka d —3s 5
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
0/o Controller General of Accounts
Internal Audit division
Lok Nayak Bhavan, Khan Market
New Delhi 110003
Dated: Jan 2014
Subject: Revised proforma for the enrolment of retired Government officials willing to be
hired as consultants
This office has been maintaining a list of retired Govt. officials who are willing to work as
It is requested that information about willing officials may be obtained in the revised proforma
which is enclosed herewith alongwith terms and conditions for engagement as consultant. This will
enable this office to provide relevant and necessary information to Ministries/Departments requiring
services of consultants. In order to update our records the details of consultants engaged by you and
feedback on the basis of their performance may also be furnished in the proforma enclosed.
(Sonali Singh)
Jt. Controller General of Accounts
End: Pro forma
1. All Pr. CCAs/CCAs/CAs (with independent charge)
2. ITD section, 0/o CGA to upload the proforma on the website of CGA

Date of Birth
Telephone No.
Mobile No.
Office from which person retired
Designation at the time of retirement
Last Pay Drawn
Work Experience in brief
Basic Pension
Date of Retirement
Work Experience as consultant, if any(in brief)
Preferred Areas of Work (e.g. Accounts, Pre check, Pension, Scheme Audit, Supply Audit, Works Audit
4. Any other.
Certified training received:-
2. IIA
Preferred Station for engagement as consultant
Recommendation of the Pr.CCA/CCA/CA
It is certified that no vigilance case is pending against Shri/Smt/Ms
4. Any Other
Signature of Pr.CCA/CCAJCA/HOOor(for officials
Other than Civil Accounts Cadre).

Terms and condition
1. Proforma should be filled up in all respects and forwarded by the office from where the
official retired 4 along with recommendations of CCA/CA/HOD(for official other than Civil
Accounts Cadre) and vigilance clearance certificate.
2. A retired official may submit his details to 0/o CGA for enrollment as consultant within one
year from the date of his retirement.
3. The official will be empanelled in the list of consultant up to the age of 65 years. If the
consultant wishes to have his name struck of the list he may communicate to this office in
4. In case, he has been engaged as consultant he should inform this office immediately failing
which his name will be deleted from the list of consultant maintained by the 0/o CGA and
will not be entertained in future.
5. Payment of Fees
The Principal will pay the Consultant , fees in accordance the terms and conditions for
engaging the consultant which will be decided by the office hiring them.
6. His details should be received in the 0/o CGA from the office where the official was retired
after the recommendation of CCA/CA/H00 (for official other than Civil Accounts Cadre)
and vigilance clearance certificate.
7. Due Diligence
The Consultant must perform the Services in a diligent manner, with all necessary skills and
in accordance with all the representations and warranties as to the Consultant's experience and
ability expressly or impliedly made by reference to its Proposal and this Agreement, or by law
8. Knowledge of Requirements of the Principal
The Consultant must use all reasonable efforts to have informed him/her and to remain
infoinied of the requirements of the office on whose behalf he /she is performing the
Services and must regularly consult with the Principal during the performance of the Services
to the satisfaction of the Principal.
9) Confidentiality
The Consultant must not without prior written consent of the Principal disclose any
information in connection with the Services or this Agreement to any person not a party to
this Agreement other than:
(i)As necessary to perfoiin the Services or

(ii)With respect to any matter within public knowledge.
10) Sub-Contracting
(a)The Consultant must not assign or sub-contract any part of the Services without the prior
written consent of the Principal.
(b)The Principal may impose any terms and conditions it considers appropriate when giving its

Consultant Feedback (After Services rendered)
Item 1
Nature of the Services performed to be provided by the Consultant
O Accounts
O Pension
O Scheme Audit
O Supply Audit
O Work Audit
O Performance Audit
O Any other (
Item 2:
Duration of Services
Commencement Date:
Completion Date:
Item 3:
Description of Services provided to the Principal
Item 4:
Feedback by the Principal where the work took place
Item 5:
Principal's Representative
Principals contact name:
Consultants Name:
Item 6:
Outcomes of the services rendered