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No. A-32016f 4! 2012! MFCGAI AAOI Gr. ‘8'17/1
Govt. of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
Controller General of Accounts
Lok Nyak Elhawan.Khan Market
New Delhi.
Dated:- 8'“ March, 2013
Office Memorandum
SUbI- Promotion of Sr. Accountants for promotion as AAO under 10% seniority quota.
Under mentioned 10 no. Sr. Accountants working in departmentalized Accounting Unit of different
ministries are found fit by DPC and have been approved for appointment as Assistant Accounts
Officer in ministry/department/station shown against their name.
3;" 2222.2? the (DOB) Present ZRIZCSS;
Rggis i Ministry Station Ministry Station
Duial Chandra
1 1 Mondal 2—Aug-55 Mines KOLKATA CBEC Kolkata
2 2 Sh' 5'8 Kahirsagar 15-Jan-55 Planning Nagpur Mines Nagpur
3 3 Sh'Harpa' Singh 15-Jul-53 Chem. & Pet Delhi CBEC Delhi
4 4 Shashi Sharma Zzeliw lnfolglrgiitciic.m & Delhi MEA Delhi
5 5 Rita ChOUdhury 16?:iOV- Infinite? & Delhi MEA Delhi
6 a NEtEShwar Ghi'dya' 18-31%— Infolglireaetslén & Delhi CPAO Delhi
l 7 M'B'Smgh 1-Auge53 “@2111?” & Delhi CPAO Delhi
veena Verma Information 81
8 8 8—.lul-53 Broad. Delhi CPAO Delhi
9 9 MNChOmey EO-gay- Infogrrrgztcijon Si Den-Ii OlVlLAvi Delhi
10 10 Sh'H'K'Nanda 28—503“— CBDT Patiala UD Jammu
The individual orders for approval of appointment are being issued separately. This issue with the
approval of competent authority.
(Sakesh 'r’eeed Singh)
Dy. Controller General of Accounts
Fee weasel: mg
[Type text]
PROMOTION OF Sr. Accountant.