1. The Head of the Office in which the candidates is working has been asked to issue a
Letter of Authority to the Candidate. The letter of Authority will contain, interalia, the
specimen signature of the candidate duly attested by the head of his office. This is an
important document. The candidate must preserve this document carefully for
production at the time of seating for the Examination. Failure to produce this letter at
the time of each paper of the examination may result in the candidate being debarred by
the Presiding Officer from appearing in that paper.
2. No candidate will be permitted to enter the Examination hall later nor depart earlier than
half an hour after the examination begins.
3. Candidates are prohibited in writing in the answer books any type of appeal or request.
Serious view will be takn if any candidate records any such appeals or requests.
4. In addition to the Letter of Authority, the candidate may also be required to produce his
identity card (whenever such cards are normally issued by the office in which he is
working) by the Presiding Officer. The candidate should, therefore, keep his identity
card also available for production if and when required by the Presiding Officer.
5. No candidate will be permitted to take away any answer book from the examination
hall. The candidate will also not be allowed to take any copy of the question paper in
respect of the descriptive part of a subject out of the examination Hall until all the
answer books have been collected.
6. Candidates found taking recourse to any unfair means in the examination hall shall
render themselves liable to expulsion at the discretion of the Presiding Officer, may be
debarred from taking rest of the examination or even debarred permanently from
appearing in the examination. Additionally disciplinary proceedings may also be
initiated against them.
7. The candidate should write only the number of the question in the margin and the
answers and solutions should be written in full against these. He should write on both
sides of each sheet of the answer book. Any rough work should be done in the blank
paper provided along with the objective type question paper. Any page of the answer
sheet of the subjective and theoretical paper used for rough work should be marked as
‘rough’. No pages of the answer book should on any account be removed by the
8. The neatness of the candidate's paper is taken into account in assigning marks.
9. The total marks for both objective and Theoretical/Practical Question will be in the ratio
of 35 : 65.
10. Questions in the objective type paper will carry 1 or ½ mark for each question.
11. Candidates will be given separate answer sheets to mark their answers while attempting
objective type questions. A sample Answer Sheet along with instructions is enclosed.

The candidates should carefully read these instructions and familiarise themselves for
filling the answer sheet.
12. Candidates should carefully read the instructions printed on the reverse of the answer
sheet provided for answering objective type paper before filling any column in the
answer sheet.
13. The OMR answer sheets of those candidates who fail to fill up all the boxes numbered
from 1 to 12 on Page 1 of the OMR Answer Sheets supplied to them for answering the
objective type questions WILL NOT BE evaluated.
14. Examination will commence with the objective type question paper and the candidates
will be given 1 (One) hour to complete the entire paper. No grace time will be allowed.
15. Immediately after an hour, both the answer sheet and question paper relating to the
objective type will be taken back from the candidates.
16. There will be a gap of 15 minutes between the completion of objective type paper and
commencement of theoretical/practical paper.
17. Candidates will be permitted to carry the permissible books as mentioned in the
syllabus and also prescribed study material downloaded from the website for answering
both objective and theoretical/practical paper.
18. Candidates would use their own set of books in the examination and will not be
permitted to borrow books from other candidates.
19. For answering the objective type question paper, the candidates will ensure that they
bring their own Pencil (HB) erasers and sharpener.
20. Candidates will NOT be permitted to bring Mobile, Cell phone, pagers or any other
communication gadgets into to examination hall. Strict action will be taken for
violating this provision.
21. Candidates while signing the Attendance Sheet will be required to indicate the serial
number of the OMR Answer Sheet printed (under the bar code) in the said Answer