No. A-23022/3/2013/MFCGA/AA0/ CSL/713
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
Controller General of Accounts
7th Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan,
New Delhi.
Dated : 05.03.2014
Promotion of AA0 (Civil) Examination 2013 passed officials.
To consider the promotion of AAO(Civil) Examination 2013 passed officials, Pr.CCAs/CCAs/CAs
are requested to furnish the following information/documents of successful candidates belonging to their
respective Ministries/Department :-
1. Service Book;
2. CR Dossier containing all ACRs/APARs upto the year 2012-
13. In case there is any broken period for less than 3 months
during the last 5 years, Gap slips for the said periods may be
kept in CR Dossiers. While forwarding the CR Dossiers, it may
be ensured that it contains all the ACRs/Gap Slips and none of
the ACRs contain adverse remarks. In case any ACR contains
adverse remarks, action as required under the relevant
rules/instructions of the Govt. of India may be taken before
sending the ACR to this office. Further, a certificate to the
effect that the ACRs/APARs from the period 2008-09
onwards have been seen by the official concerned may also
be attached with the relevant ACR/APAR.
3. Particulars of the officials in prescribed proforma (copy
4. Certificates of vigilance/departmental cases, penalty etc. in
enclosed proforma.
Promotion of the successful officials will be made in the order of their seniority. For this purpose a
Combined Seniority List of all such officials will be prepared by this office. As the seniority list will be
For b re

based on the particulars furnished by the Pr. Accounts Offices, it is necessary that utmost care is taken in
filling up the proforma and the same should be signed by the Heads of the Departments.
While furnishing the information the following may be kept in view:
In the case of candidates who were initially appointed in a service other than CCAS and later got
transferred into CCAS the following details are required : (1) Name and Index Number, (2) Cadre in which
initially appointed, (3) Date of induction into CCAS, (4) Letter No. and date vide which approval of this
office for induction has been conveyed.
In the case of DE0s, their respective grades i.e. Gr.A or Gr. B may be indicated. In the case of
Gr. A, whether the individual was graduate or non-graduate at the time of initial appointment may be
indicated. In the case of DEOs who were not graduates at the time of initial appointment as Gr. A, date of
their passing the Degree examination may be indicated.
Similarly in the case of Stenographers Grade III, it may be indicated whether the individual was
graduate or non-graduate at the time of initial appointment. In the case of those who were not graduates at
the time of initial appointment, date of their passing the Degree examination may be indicated.
In the cases of those who are on deputation/foreign service, the name of the organization in which
they are on deputation, the designation and pay scale of the deputation post and the date on which their
present term expire may also be indicated clearly.
The provisions of this office O.M. No. A-32014/1/2002/MF.CGA(A)/Gr BNo1.111/224 dated 14-5-
08 regarding the transfer policy in respect of JA0s/AA0s/A0s may also be brought to the notice of the
successful candidates.
The AAO(Civil) passed officials may not be sent to deputations/foreign service etc. in ex-cadre
posts as per existing instructions, in any case.
The information/documents may be furnished to this office by 20.03.2014 positively.
(Mohan Chand)
Sr. Accounts Officer

Proforma for Particulars of Officials
Name SC/ST Whether
Date of Entry in
Govt. Service as
Date of
as Acctt./
Steno/ DEO
reckons for
if any

Current Vigilance Status in respect of Shri/ Smt
Designation of Officer
Cases where charge-sheet** has
been issued and disciplinary
proceedings are on
Cases where prosecution for
criminal charge is pending in a
Court of Law
Whether under suspension: If Yes
Date from which suspended/
suspension extended and copy of
the suspension order/order for
review of suspension
Vigilance Cases Contemplated
Major Penalty/ Minor Penalty
imposed in the last ten (10) years
if any, and currency of such
Remarks, if any
** Copy of the Chargesheet issued to be enclosed.
Sr. Accounts Officer
Office Seal
Dated :