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No.34012/3652/2013/MF.CGA(E)/(Rev.)/6 o L,
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
Controller General of Accounts
7th Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan, Khan Market
New Delhi-110 003
Dated: 24th October, 2013
Ministry/Deptt. of ,
New Delhi.
The Departmental Confirmatory Examination for Accountants will be held at Ahmedabad,
Bangaluru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Cochin, Delhi , Hyderabad, Jaipur , Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai,
Nagpur, Patna and Shillong on 10-11-2013 (Sunday)as per the following schedule.
Accounting Procedure
Precis, Draft and Grammar
Date of Examination Time
10-11-2013 (Sunday) 10.00 A.M. to 1.00 P.M.
10-11-2013 (Sunday) 2.00 P.M. to 5.00 P.M.
2. The candidates stationed at places other than the above stations/centres may be allowed
"Travelling Allowance" as on tour, but without any allowance for halt, subject to the provisions of
S.R. 132 for journeys between their Headquarters and the place of Examination.
3. The question papers on both the subjects will be bi-lingual i.e. in English and Hindi and the
candidates have the option to answer any paper in any one medium.
4. The following officers have been nominated as Presiding Officers by Jt. Controller General of
Accounts to conduct the Examination at the centres indicated against their names. Venue of
examination will be the office of the respective Presiding Officers except in Delhi. The venue of the
examination in Delhi has been given in para 5 below:
Sl. Name of Name and office address of the Coordinating & Presiding
No. centre Officer
1 Ahmedabad Sh. N.D.Karia,Sr.AO, CBDT, Ahmedabad
2 Bangaluru Sh. K Abhilasha ,ZAO,CBDT, Bangaluru
3. Chandigarh Sh.Negi Ram, Sr.AO,CBDT,Chandigarh
4. Chennai Sh. R. Navneet Krishnan, PAO, Consumer Affairs,Chennai
5 Cochin Sh. U. Unikrishnan, Sr.AO, CBEC,Cochin
6 Delhi 1. Sh. Yogesh Kumar Meena,Dy.CA as Presiding Officer
2. Sh. Tapan Kumar Das ,AO as Coordinating Officer
7. Hyderabad Sh. Vijaya Sarthi, ZAO,CBDT, Hyderabad
8. Jaipur Sh. Jitendra Kumar, Sr. A.O., CBEC, Jaipur.
9. Kolkata Sh. S.C. Sarkar, Dy. CA, Supply, Kolkata
10. Lucknow Sh.Sunil Kumar, Z.A.O., CBDT, Lucknow.

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Smt. Anjana Bashishtha,Dy.CA, CBEC,Mumbai
Sh.S.G.Deshpande, Sr.AO, Mines,Nagpur
Sh. Anil Kumar, A0, CBDT, Patna.
Shri Q.Kharkungar,Dy.CA, Min. of Home Affairs, Shillong.
11. Mumbai
12. Nagpur
13. Patna
14. Shillong
5. in Delhi, the venue of the examination will be ISTM, Old JNU Campus, New Delhi.
6. The centres allotted to the candidates of your organization are indicated below. The
candidates may kindly be informed of these particulars.
Sl. No. l Index No. l Name of the candidates [Centre
- As per list attached -
7. Annexure to this letter is a form in which letter of authority is to be issued to each
candidate for the Examination. This may please be got prepared in duplicate. The candidate
should be asked to affix his specimen signature on this letter of authority in the presence of the
Head of office who should attest the same. Such authority letter should be given to the candidate
who would be required to produce this before the Presiding Officer on demand at the time of
appearing in the Examination. The Head of office should also send the duplicate copy of the
authority letter, duly attested, to the concerned Presiding Officer direct so as to reach him latest by
25-10-2013. Authority letters in respect of Delhi Centre may be sent to Shri Sant Ram Yadav, Sr.
Accounts Officer (Exam), Room No.27, 2nd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan, Khan Market, New Delhi.
8. The candidates may also be instructed to carry with them their Identity Cards to help the
Presiding Officer in identifying them.
9. A copy of the instructions meant for the candidates is also sent herewith. You are
requested to arrange for adequate copies thereof and give one copy of the instructions to each
candidate appearing from your organization for his/her guidance.
10. If any discrepancies is found in the list of the candidates who have to appear in the above
said examination, this section may immediately be informed.
11. The receipt of this letter may kindly be acknowledged.
Yours faithfully,
(/l’ “‘“LIJ-T/v-
(Chandan Mishra Dwivedi)
Dy. Controller General of Accounts (Exam)
Copy to:1. All the Presiding Officers
2. The Sr.AO, lTD for post the letter on the official website of the CGA.