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NonF-CGAIITD-SDTQCIYM1l2013-14 la '1 7~ 103 l
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
Controller General of Accounts
7th Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan,
Khan Market, New Delhi-110 551
Dated 29'“ Mar, 2014
3|? 1
SubjectzRegarding Centralized ReportinglMonitoring of bugs
related problemslissues.
Reference is invited to this office OM No. MF-
CGAJlTD/DTQAJYI‘I1/2012-2013/114-121, dated 22nd May, 2012 on
the subject mentioned above.
2. It has. however, been noticed that field offices are not following
due process prescribed above. It is again reiterated that in order to
streamline the system of lodging all problems/issues at lT Division and
keep close monitoring on all change request. all queries/bug related
issues in respect of softwares (COMPACT including e-payment, e-
lekha, GePG etc) should be reported to 11" Division of 010 Controller
General of Accounts. Queries/bugs relating to the package which
cannot be redressedlhandled by lT Division would be forwarded to NIC
Division by IT Division for developing suitable solutions.
3. The contact numbers for Help Desk in lT Division are:
Wing Name Contact Purpose! Contact persons E-mail ID
Numbers Support for S_r.l°_t;0.
Implementation 24623250 COMPACT, e- Sh. SPadmanabhan pa02000@
Maintenance 24693986 lekha, GePG, Smt. Seema
& Support (Tele-Fax) CDDO2PAO
Wing (IMS)
Strategic 24623251 Controller! Sh. S.P. Arora
Planning & PAOIDDO Sh. K.V. Hamza
Coordination codes, CGA‘s
Wing (SPC) web site &
other issues
related to
CGA’s lT
_'___ Policy.
Capacity 24623252 IT Training Sh. K. Krishna Kumar capacitybuil
Building Wing related dingcb@ya
_<@L_ __ fitters..- _ hooln

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System 24623253 Issues! Sh. Pankaj Kochhar Ttd_dtqa@
Development & suggestions yahooin
Testing related to new
inoiuding appiication/
Quality Control upgrade!
Wing (SDTQC) version
reieases of
application. _
4. Pr.CCAs, CCAs, CAs are requested to instruct the field PAOs
under their administrative control suitably in this regard.
This issues with the approval of the competent authority.
Copy To:-
PS. to GSA
PS to AddiCGA
All JtiCGAs
All Dy. CGAs.
(C. Maheshwaran
Sr. AO(|MS), erPc), Sr.AO(CB), Sf. AO(SDTQC)