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. No S-l1022/06/01/CMU/2014-15/f
Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure
Controller General of Accounts
(Cash Management Unit)
Lok Nayak Bhawan, Khan Market,
New Delhi - 1 10095.
Dated: July 10, 2014
_vSubject:— Cash Management Unit in CGA office
Controller General of Accounts has accorded his approval for the creation
of a Cash Management Unit (CMU) in'CGA office to be positioned in the Monthly
Accounts Section in order to facilitate the management accounting in
Ministries/Department and institutionalize the system of month~wise anticipationrfigf
releases by ministries. The CMU will complement the Cash Management Cell in of Finance.
The Unit will discharge the following functions:-
Develop cash management system and process flows;
(ii) Coordination with Cash Plan Units (CPU) for preparation of cash plan in
Ministries/departments. ' _
(iii) Review of cash position, monitor receipts and payments and monitor bank
account balances in coordination with RBI and Ministry of Finance.
' (iv) Develop cash management system (including commitment capturing
system) and related process flows.
(v) Prepare guidelines for formation and setup of Cash Plan Units (CPU) in all
the Pr. Accounts Offi ces ofMinistries/Departments.
(vi) Prepare cash plans of desired frequency while coordinating with CPUs for
both receipts and payments based on developed forecasting models.
(vii) .Train the staff of the Cash Plan Units of Pr. Accounts Offices.
' The cMU will report to Addl. CGA (A/cs).
This issues with the approval of Controller General of Accounts.
M . .
(Alok Kumar Venna)
Deputy Controller General of Accounts
Copy to:~
I S Budget, Budget Division, M/o Finance, North Block, New Delhi
PS to Addl. CGAs '
CCA— Ministry of Finance
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