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No.A.34012/3601/2013/MF.CGA(-E}/ {3 6 '
Government oflndia
Ministry of FinanCe '
Department of Expenditure
Controller General of Accounts
'Lok- Naya-k Bhawan, Khan Market
New Delhi-110003. "
Dated: 39/9/2013.
To 7
The Pr. CCA/CCA/CA,'
Ministry/Department of; . y ‘- I,
NIEWDELHI. - ~ - .
- Sub: AssistantAccounts Officer (Civil) Examination .2013.
I am to state thatthe next Assistant Accounts Officer (Civil) Examination, 2013 will be held
. tentatively at the end of September, 2013 (_ 2_5"h,26th,2,7th and ZS‘h'September). .D'etailed time table
ofthe examinatiOn will‘follow in dLie course. . - ' '
_ 2. The examination wiii be heid at the following thirteen centers viz. Ahmedabad,
‘Bengaiuru, Chandigarh, Chennai, Deihi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Nagpur,
Patna and Shillong. No request for opening of._any other centre will be entertained. Further if
sufficient number" of candidates is notavaiiable forkanydof these." centers, that centre Will be-
_ cancelled, and the candidates registered at that centre will be allocateda nearby centre.
3. ' A statement showing the Iistof existing candidates of your organization is enclosed. '
The Papers passed by the candidates have been indicated with the letter "F", and the Paper(s)-
' which the Candidates are yet to pass has/have been left blank. The Paper(s) in which the candidates
are willing to appear this year may be indicated by the letter "Y". In case a candidate does not want
to appear in any paper, the letter "N" may be indicated against that paper; This-"statement may be _
I returnedxto this office in original, duly. authenticated by thePr. CCA/CCA/CA after indicating the
options ofthe candidates as mentioned above. ' I '
4. - A The list of fresh'candida'tes may be furnished in the prescribed Proforma AAE-ll2
(specimen enclosed). The candidates will be permitted to appear only in those-papers which they
have opted to appear. Option once exercised will be final. Eiigibility conditions for absorbee
Accountants are enplosed. The names of only those absorbee Accountants who fulfill the-eligibility
conditions may be forwarded. ' ' I i
5. A consolidated list of candidates who have secured exemptions under the old
regulation/declared passed in one or more subject(s) under the new regulation and also the list of
candidates who have cleared Part-l of the Junior Accounts Officer (Civil) examination under the old

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'- regulation and whose names areincluded in the lists of candidates, showing the index No. and year?
-_ of the relevant exams must be submitted in a separate Annexure.
6. I The list of candidates may be sent to'this office latest by 2nd August, 2013.
7. The final list of candidates showing the index Nos. allotted for Assistant Accounts ‘
Officer (Civil) Examination 2013 and centers of examination etc. would be sent by this office.
8. . A reference is invited to Para 5 of the'regulations which provides that no request
' for relaxation of any conditions of eligibility shall'be entertained by the Controller General of
Accounts. No such request or recommendation for relaxation of the conditions of eligibility need,
therefore, be sent to this office. ' I '
V 9. Applications for withdrawal from the examination will be regulated-in accordance .
'with paragraph 6 of the Assistant Accounts Officer (Civil) Examination Regulation 2006. The last 1
date up to which the candidates will be'allowed to withdraw their-candidature will be 16th August,
ggg'and the list of such candidates-who have bee'n'allowed to withdraw their candidature should
be forwarded to this office by 23rd Augustl 2013. These dates may be-strictly adhered to.
I - 10. Kindly acknowledge receipt of this communication.
at" '
' ‘ Dy. Controller General of AccountslExam)
Enci: As above .
:Irro). F’IQCQA .- ' ' I I .' ‘ ‘ if“ '

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.. i 6‘ w _
s _ 1%....»
a I I
No. A-34012/ l42/2006/Syllabus Review/MF.CGA(E)!6‘8
KHAN MARKET, New Delhi. ' . a
Dated: - 04.08.2008.
Subject:- Amendment to Rules, Regulations & Syllabus of the Junior Accounts Officer (Civil)
s******** 1
Reference is invited to Para 4.1 of the Regulation for the Junior Accounts Officer
-(Civil) Examination for appointment as Junior Accounts Officers .in the Departmentalised
Accounts Organisation effective from the year 2006. The Controller General of Accounts has
apprQVed the following amendments to the said Para: I ' -
(a) In the said Para, in line 3, after the words "Stenographers Grade II and Grade-I", the
words "Caretaker in the Institute of Government Accounts & Finance" and in line 9,
after the words "Central Civl Accounts Service (Stenographer Grade —I) Recruitment
Rules, 2000", the words "Ministry of Finance, Bepartment of Expenditure (Institute of
Government Accounts and Finance), Caretaker Recruitment Rules, 1996“ may be
- added, -
(b) The fol lowing Note may be added below Par 41'.
- "Note:- In the case of persons who have joined- the Central Civil Accounts Service
'(CCAS) as Accountants initially on deputation basis and who have been absorbed
subseqdently in the'said Service in accordance with the provisions contained in the
Central Civil Accounts Service (Group C) Recruitment Rules relating to the post 01" _
Accountants, the period of three years mentioned in Para 4.1 will be counted from the ' '
date of their joining the CCAS as Acc'ciuntant on deputation basis; However they will
be eligible to appear in the Examination only i they have passed‘the Dep en
Confirmatory'Examination for Accountants ori the date their names ar sponsored
- by the concerned PrCCA/CCA/CA.
‘ I -( . 'rldha'ran)
lt. Controller General of Accounts
To ‘ . _ ,
(1 1 All moons/cements \
(2) Director, Institute of Government Accounts & Finance (lNGAF), New Delhi; -

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Farm ND.CGA.AAEL12 "
Tobe Signedbv the Pr.CCA/CCA/CA only
Si Name OfFandidaIe and Date 5m 9f - 'wimgr ' I PaPer opted by the candidate for 22””? Pfigznzf. Sim“ R‘mms“
N° designation _ gm roptfiglzlti‘g‘fifil gigging; Hum Exemption secured, if any, in appearance in A. A0 (C) PAD/5 :mfing fi-om
' I i grade 1“ October Scheculed " AAO (C ) Exallliflafion Examination" Minisw . Whig?
\- Ofthe year Tribe conducted by CGA under the old I'll“? 5:; m.“
efexam ' and New Regulations official appear
Y.M:D‘ ‘ ‘ joined
Subject Year index 'Marks onhis
of No. Secured- P P P P P P P P “ppm?”
Exam ' A 'A A A A A 'A At (2 $1"?
‘E B E E E. B _E. E C
in R R - R R ' R R _ R
1 2 3. 4 s 6 1 a C
Certified that the particulars given above are confect and that I have satisfied myself to the'fitness of each-candidate to sit in the-Examination
"' against the paper in which a candidate opts to appear and 'N' against the paper in which hefshe does not want to appear. No other letter or symbol rhay be used for this purpcse-
‘ status of passing the Departmental Confi rmatory Exam-by Absorb ee Accountants in the "Remarks" Col.