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0.0. No. A-22014/1/ ZWWAO/ IMT/é'gg.
Eta 11w
RIII 133-1111
61161 W arm, as fififi 110 511
tasks/DATE :14‘“ Feb.’ 2013
Dear Pr. CCAfCCAfCA.
As per the policy of lnter—‘Vlinistry transfers, the AAOs who have completed 4
years in one Ministry have become due for transfer. I am enclosing a list of AAOs who
have completed 4 years or going to complete 4 years in your Ministry as on 3?1
March’ 2013 (excluding those within promotion zone i.e. Up to GL. No. 265 for
General Category and upto GL No. 525 for Reserved Category or two years of
retirement) and hence are due for transfer.
The transfer orders of these AAOs are likely to be issued in April’ 2013.
Necessary arrangements may please be made in advance so that the implementation of
transfer orders is not delayed. if on account of some genuine and valid reasOns you
feel that impending transfer of a particular AAO should be postponed, the same may
be intimated with reasons latest by 281h February’ 2013. The officers who were
retained during earlier rotational transfers will not be considered for retention again.
The retention requests on the grounds of COMPACT/ PAC) 2000/ Computerisation,
Appropriation Accounts, Finance Accounts etc. will also not be entertained and hence
need not to be sent to this office. The officers who are allowed to be retained for six
months will be transferred on expiry of the six months period without further notice.
In case any AAO who has completed 4 years or is going to complete 4 years on
31.03.2013 and is not included in the enclosed list, the same may be intimated to this
office. Similarly, ifthe list contains any AAO who has not completed 4 years or is not
going to complete 4 years on 31.03.2013, details ofsuch AAO may also be intimated.
If no reply is received by 28lh February’ 2013, it will be presumed that there is
no retention request from your Ministry and the transfer orders will be issued on the
basis ofinformation available with this office. '
Yours sincerely.
(Anthony Lianzuala) “l \1/
All Ministries! Departments,
New Delhi.
lira tie-eerie. -/

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38 S.MURUGARAAJ GEN 28-Feb-73 01—Jun-95 2005 12—Jun—06 12-Jun—06 CBEC CHENNAI 27-Aug-08
39 G.V.BEENA, MS GEN 15-May-71 20—JuI-95 2006 22—Feb—08 22-Feb—08 CBEC TRIVANDRUM 22—Feb—08
40 - V.MANGALA, MS GEN 23-Dec-64 19-Jun-89 2006 08-08008 08-Dec—08 CBEC CHENNAI 08~Dec—08
41 E.SOUNDRA PANDIAN (SC) SC 21-May-71 15-Jul—96 2002 19-Jul-04 01-Jan‘06 LABOUR CHENNAI 01-Jul—08
42 C.T.UMA, M5 GEN 20-Aug—68 02-Jul-90 2006 08-Dec-08 08—Dec—08 CBEC CHENNAI 08-Dec-08
43 SHASHI SARKAR , MS (SC) SC 27-Jul-66 12-Sep-90 2007 27-Jun-08 27-Jun-08 CBEC DELHI 27-Jun-08
44 SHASHI KUMAR, M5 (SC) SC 21—Sep-72 17-Aug-94 2007 25-Jun-08 25-Jun-08 CBEC DELHI 25-Jun-08
45 BIRENDRA MOHAN PANDA GEN 12-Jan-74 08-Dec—97 2007 07—Jan-08 07-Jan-08 CBEC BHUBANESHWAR lO-JuI-OB
46 SAMIR DAS (SC) SC 11—Mar-70 05—Apr-94 2003 09~N0v—04 01-Jan-06 I&B GUWAHATI 18-Nov—08
47 UMA GANESHAN, MS GEN 09-Jul-70 30-Mar-94 2007 12-Sep-08 12-Sep-08 CBEC PUDUCHERRY 12-Sep-08
48 K.P.PREETHY, MS GEN 10—Jan-73 05-Jan-95 2007 14*.IuI-03 14—JuI-08 CBEC COCHIN 14-Jul—08
49 R.T.MHASKAR GEN 04-Aug—69 30-Oct-95 2008 - 01-Dec-08 CBEC MUMBAI 01—Dec—08
50 SUSHIL TIKKU GEN 11-Mar-61 31-Mar-88 94 05-Dec-03 01-Jan-06 CHEM & FERT DELHI 11~.lan-08
51 SREEMATI BHOWMIK, MS GEN 22-Nov—75 03-Aug-98 2007 19-Jun-08 19—Jun-08 CHEM & FERT DELHI 19~Jun—08
52 ABHAY KR.MISHRA GEN 15-May-67 14-May-93 2000 30-Dec—03 01<Jan—06 CIV-AVIATION DELHI 20—Mar-08
53 INDU KUKRETI, MS GEN 25-May-62 02-Jun-87 94 28-N0v403 01—Jan-06 COAL DELHI 11-.IuI-08
S4 G.C.SINGH GEN 19-Apr-69 01-May-93 99 17-Dec-03 01-Jan—06 COMMERCE DELHI 22—Sep—08
55 LPDUBEY GEN 11-Dec—64 13-Dec-86 94 12~Jan—04 01-Jan-06 CPAO DELHI l6~JuI~07
56 RAMA KANT GEN 24-Jlfl-63 27-Jul-87 2007 28-Jun—08 28~Junp08 CPAO DELHI 31-Oct-08
57 RADHA GOPALAKRISHNAN, MS GEN 06-May-63 18-Jan-88 92 13—Jun-03 01—Jan—06 DGS&D CHENNAI 01—Aug~08
58 MOHD. HAYYATH GEN 04—Apr-71 05-Jun-96 2004 04-Oct-06 04—Oct~06 DG5&D CHENNAI 24-Sep-08
59 .IAYASHREE SATISH, MS GEN 05-May-72 01—Mar<96 2006 24-Mar-08 24-Mar—08 DGS&D CHENNAI 24-Mar-08
60 SSRIDHAR GEN 05-May-59 29~Aug—34 91 21-Apr-03 01-Jan436 EARTH SCI CHENNAI 28-Jul-08
61 PUNI'T KUMAR PRABHU GEN 14-Dec-68 24—Feb—90 99 30-Dec-03 01-Jan—06 EARTH SCI DELHI 18—Jul-08
62 MAHINDER PAL POPLY GEN 19—Ottr74 09—JuI-9B 2004 20-JuI-05 01—Jan-06 EARTH SCI DELHI 30~Jun-OS
63 M.5ATI5H GEN 01—May—70 05-Feb~87 94 22-Aug—03 01-Jan—06 ENV 3* FORE5T BENGALURU 14-JuI-08
64 ATUL KANSRA GEN 20-Mar-69 07—Jun»94 98 22—May-03 01~Jan-06 “W 31 FOREST DELHI 05-Mar-09
65 PAWAN KUMAR GEN 15—Dec—68 12-Aug-92 97 26—Feb-02 01-Apr-05 FINANCE DELHI 07—Aug06
66 VIKAS KUMAR SHARMA GEN 18~.lun—66 26-Aug-89 94 16—Apr—04 01-Jan-06 FINANCE DELHI 10-Jul-08
67 PRAGYA JOSHI, MS GEN 31-Jan-75 09-Feb—93 98 l4~May~03 01-Jan-05 FINANCE DELHI 03-Oct-08
68 SONIA DAWAR, MS GEN 21-Jun-72 15-Jul-94 98 30-May-03 01-Jan-06 FINANCE DELHI 02-Sep-08
69 SEEMA SHARMA, MS GEN 17—Apr~64 21—Dec-89 2000 23—Jan—04 01~Jan-06 FINANCE DELHI 28-Jul-08
70 SANJAY KUMAR GEN 01-Jul—67 09-Oct-92 2000 18-Mar-04 01-Jan-05 FINANCE DELHI 01-Apr-08
71 DILIP SINGH BISHT GEN 21-Jan-78 16—Jun-00 2004 05-Aug—05 01-Jan—06 FINANCE DELHI 30—Jul-08
72 ANJANA CHOPRA, MS {SC} SC 20-Apr-72 01-Jun—94 2006 31—JuI-07 31-JuI—07 FINANCE DELHI 31-.IuI-07
73 RAKESH KUMAR (SC) SC 23-Feb-73 20-Feb—96 2006 31-Jul-07 31-Jul-07 FINANCE DELHI 25-JuI—08
74 MRIDULA MEHTA, MS GEN 10—Sep-62 01-Dec-87 2006 06-Aug*07 06-Aug—07 FINANCE DELHI 06-Aug-07
75 RAVINDER GOEL, MS GEN 29~Jan-62 07-Sep-87 2007 19-Jun—08 19-Jun—08 FINANCE DELHI 19-Jun—08
76 R.MURALI GEN 16-Jun-59 18-Jun-90 94 13-Jun-03 01-Jan-06 HEALTH PUDUCHERRY 23-Nov—06

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117 - LAXMAN DAS (SC) SC 02-Feb-63 01-Jul—87 2006 30~Aug-07 30-Aug-07 LABOUR DELHI 05-Dec-08
118 V.SARASWATHY, MS GEN 12-Jun—64 20~Apr—88 93 11-Jun-O3 01-Jan-06 LAW CHENNAI 13-Feb—09
119 BASANT MALIK GEN 04-Aug~69 05-Nov-93 98 13-Oct-03 01—Jan-05 LAW DELHI 19-Jan-09
120 SURAI BHAN BHARTI {SC} SC 05—Aug-59 02-Sep-87 2007 19-Jun-08 19—Jun—08 MEA DELHI 20-Oct—03
121 GARIKAPATI SRINIVAS GEN 08—May-64 20-Jan-89 99 23—Jul-03 01-Jan-06 MINES HYDERABAD 195913-03
122 K.M.SHAJU GEN 29—May-69 01-FEb~93 2002 29-Apr—04 01—Jan—06 MINES NAGPUR 13-Nov—07
123 SATYENDRA SINGH GEN 09-Jul-74 26-May-98 2004 22-Dec-05 01-Jan-06 MINES LUCKNOW 16-Jan-09
124 RANIAN DAS (SC) SC 09-1uI—65 14—May—93 2006 25-JuI‘07 25-Jul-07 MINES SHILLONG 25~.Iul-07
125 SUBHASH CHAND GEN 08-Feb~74 14~JuI—98 2003 14-Oct—04 01-Jan-06 PLANNING DELHI 07-Jul-08
126 DAISY TYAGI MS GEN 06-Oct—51 10~Sep-87 2007 27-Jun—08 27—Jun—08 POWER DELHI 02-Feb-09
127 VIMAL NAN DA GEN 23-Oct-68 28-Nov-88 98 23-May-03 01-Jan—06 PPG&P DELHI 21-Jul-08
128 PRABI-IU DAYAL GEN 23-Jan-73 23-Feb—99 2006 27-Jul-07 27-Jul-07 RD DELHI 05-Jan~09
129 RISHPAL KAUR RAI, MS GEN 29-Jan-51 28-Jul—85 2000 12—Jan—04 01-Jan-06 RTH&S DELHI 01LJul—08
130 GEETHA GANDHI, MS GEN 19-Feb-63 21-Dec-89 2001 14—Jan-04 01—Jan—06 RTH&S DELHI 01-Aug-08
131 VIIAYA ELANGOVAN, MS GEN 11—Oct—54 10-Jul—81 2006 15-OCt-07 15—Oct-07 RTH&S CHENNAI 1?~IuI-08
132 P.CHANDRASEKARAN (SC) SC 17-Aug-63 09-May-92 2006 30-Aug-07 30-Aug-07 RTH&S PORT BLAIR 30-Aug'07
133 RAJINDER (SC) SC 20-Dec-73 24—Apr—98 2006 03—Oct-07 03—Oct—02 RTHSLS GUWAHATI 03-Oct—07
134 RAKESH SHARMA GEN 10Apr-75 16-Jul-98 2004 29—Aug-05 01—Jam06 SCI & TECH DELHI 10‘Sep-07
135 N.K.MEHTA GEN 09—Feb-73 21-Iun'91 98 22-May—03 01—Jan—06 STEEL DELHI 01—OCt-08
136 AJAY KUMAR (SC) SC 25—Dec-73 09-Jun-95 2004 28-Jul—05 01—Jan—06 STEEL DELHI 01-Aug—08
137 JITENDER BHUTANI GEN 02—Dec-70 09-Sep-93 2005 08—Jun-06 08-Jun-06 STEEL DELHI 23-Mar-09
138 SANJAY PATHAK GEN 01—Jan~72 14-Aug—96 2007 15-JuI-08 15-JuI-08 STEEL KDLKATA 15-JuI-08
13.9 MANNINDER SINGH GEN 13-Dec-70 01-Sep-94 99 25-Sep-01 01-Apr-05 UD AMRITSAR 14-Nov—07
140 SANJAY TYAGI GEN 02—Apr—67 17-May-93 98 27-Nov-02 01-Jan-06 UD DELHI 07~JuI-08
141 P.S_GIRIDHARAN GEN 02-Oct—58 20-5i-2p-34 91 12-Jun-03 01—Jan-06 UD COIMBATORE 26-Oct-06
142 GRAMANATHAN GEN 24-Dec-59 19-Jan-85 92 13-Aug~03 01-Jan—06 UD PUDUCHERRY 10-Sep—07
143 0.5ANKARANARAYANAN GEN 27-Dec-55 04—1un~82 93 26—May-03 01-Jan-06 UD COIMBATORE 06-Oct-06
144 T.SUNDARAM GEN 15-Mar-58 15-Sep-80 93 02-Jun—03 01-Jan-06 UD CHENNAI 07-Aug—08
145 SUMATHY RAVI, MS GEN 14-Dec-61 08—Mar-88 93 04-Jun—03 01-Jan-06 UD CHENNAI 05-Jan—09
146 L.VIDHYA, MS GEN 18-Jun-67 06-Feb—89 94 13—Jan-04 01—Jan—06 UD CHENNAI 01—Aug—08
147 SANTOSH THOMAS GEN 22-Nov—57 01~Sep-86 9? 30-May-03 01—Jan—06 UD KOTTAYAM OlrSep-OS
148 S_S.NEGI GEN 01—Jun—67 22—Feb—93 98 14—Nov-03 01-Jan-06 UD DELHI 08-Dec-08
149 POONAM GROVER, MS GEN 01—May—71 14‘Jun-94 98 16—Jun—03 01—Jan—06 UD DELHI 01—Aug-08
150 JAYASREE VINOD. P, MS GEN 07-Apr—69 13-May-93 99 20-Jan=-04 01-Jan—06 UD COCHIN 25-FGb—08
151 RIMMI MEHTA, MS GEN 11—Sep—68 24-Jun-94 99 27—Nov-03 01-Jan—06 UD DELHI 23—JUI—08
152 MUNISH SINGAL GEN 16-Sep—69 24-Jun—94 99 28-Nov-03 01-Jan-06 UD DELHI 15-SQp-08
153 SANGEETA, MS GEN 02—1uI—72 07—JuI—95 99 28—Jan-04 01—Jan—06 UD DELHI 07-Sep-08
154 .IITENDAR KUMAR GEN 03-May-69 21-Feb-91 99 26-Dec-03 01-Jan-06 UD DELHI 22-Jul-08
155 NAVEEN JYOTI, MS GEN 25-Jul-70 27-Jan-93 99 28—Nov—03 01—Jan-06 UD DELHI 01—Aug—08
156 DAVINDER KAUR, MS GEN 15-May-55 17-Dec-82 2000 30-Dec-03 01—Jan-06 UD DELHI 17~JL|i-08

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