Transfer /Placement Policy for Group A Officers of the
Indian Civil Accounts Service, 2013
1) Introduction
The Indian Civil Accounts Service (ICAS), established consequent upon
Depart mentazation of Accounts in 1976. is a premier Gr. A' Accounting Service in
Government of India The initial induction into the ICAS was by deputation and transfer
of personnel from the Indian Audit and Accounts Department, Since 1977, direct recruits
to 1CAS are selected from the Civil Services Examination conaucted by Union Public
Service Commission. An organization functioning under the Controller General of
Accounts has been created in the Department of Expenditure of the Ministry of Finance.
In order to streamline and ensure transparency in the existing cadre management, it is
imperative to lay the transfer policy. This policy has been formulated to provide for a
planned approach in cadre planning and to cater to the resource mobilization of the
officers in an effective manner The policy laid down will meet all necessary and
functional requirements in a balanced manner ensuring the adequate exposure and
growth of individual officers,
2) Salient Features of the Transfer/Placement Pof icy
The salient features of the Transfer policy for Group A Officers of the service are as
1. The posting policy has been formulated for officers at different levels. The policy
formulated shall come into effect from the date of issue The generat transfer orders
shall be issued by 30!1 April and. In any case, not later than 31 May of the year.
However, transfer can be affected at any time of the year based on administrative
2. The transfer guidelines shall not he applicable to the transfer and postings of Pr,
CCAsiAddl. CGAs.
3. A coriect aria complete data base is a sine qua non for mpiementing tne Policy. The
Group A section of the Office of CGA shall ensure that a data base containing the
profiles of all Groups A' officers is created and regularly updated.
4. Transfer will take place on completion of tenure, deputation, promotion or any other
functional requirements. For this purpose the grant of Senior Time Scale and NFSG
will not be treated as promotion.
. \

5 Directly recruited Group'A officeis after completion of probation shall preferably be
considered for posting at CGA Headquarters only after having six years of service at
field offices
6 The normal tenure of posting in any Ministry! Department at Delhi and! or at any
other station outside Delhi shall be three years extendable up to a maximum of five
years. An officer, who has already served outside Delhi shall be considered for
posting outside Delhi only after every other officei
who is yet to serve
outside Delhi has been posted and has served at another station. Preferences of
individual officers will be taken into account while deciding stations of posting
• outside Delhi For vacant posts where eligible officers are not availabie in that grade,
additional charge of such posts shall not be held. by any officer serving in a higher
7 Maximum tenure in one Ministry in one spell will be for a maximum period of 3 years
continuously. There will be a minimum of 3 years gap in placing the officer to the
same Ministry.
8 Posting of CM to Ministry/Departments where they have indepenuent charge will
normally be on the basis of seniority. This shall apply also in cases where additional
charge of such vacant posts has to be given.
3) Postings in J&K/North Eastern States
The states of ammu & Kashmir and North East may be considered postings for the
cadre for tenure of two years. In case the officer is willing, the same may be extended
LID to a period of five years
4) Deputation
Deputations shall be encouraged at all leveis and normally no willing officer will be
denied such an opportunity, subject to exigencies of cadre management. Seniority and
individual preference shall be the norm governing such offers. Deputation terms and
conditions in India and abroad for the ICAS officers shalt be regulated as per the DOPT
qudeiines issued from time to time.
5) Postings on Compassionate Grounds
Cases of posting on medca1icompassionate ground will be examined by the Office of
CGA which may refer medical ground cases to medical boards, if reauired, In case of
working couples, if the spouse of an officer is working outside the department, posting in
the same station as the spouse may be allowed subet to the gudelines of the
Department of Personnel & Training (DOPT) on this issue.

6Earned!Study Leave
An officer under orders of transfer shah he granted Earned Leave or Study Leave only
after he ioins his new place of posting Period under such leave will not count towards
cooking off from stay at a station
7) Transfer on administrative grounds /public interest
Notwithstanding anything Contained n this policy the ;GA may, if necessary to do so in
public interest, transfer or post any officer to any station or post as per administrative
co n ve n i e n cel e x ige n cie s.
Committee was constituted with due approval of CONTROLLER GENERAL OF
ACCOUNTS vide order No.CDN/MF.CGAIMisct2013t1062 dated 15th May. 2013.
Committee after due deliberation submits this report.
Sh.Anthony Lianzuata. Pr CA(CBOT)
Sn.S K.Mathur Jt CGA
Sh.Raju Sharan. CCAOJ&B)
t; r~
s-. (Xi
Oi Sanieev Mishra CCAfHome)