6.1.1     With the departmentalisation of accounts in the Ministries/Departments of the Government of India, the responsibility for maintenance of Provident Fund Accounts of:—

(a) all regular employees of Ministries/Departments;

(b) those on deputation from other Central Ministries/Departments;

(c) all regular employees on foreign service with Public Sector Undertakings, Corporations etc., and

(d) all regular employees on deputation with Railways/Defence/P&T Departments and other State/Union Territory Governments or Administrations,

except Group 'D' staff will devolve on the departmentalised Pay and Accounts Offices of the Ministry/Department concerned. These accounts will be maintained under hand posting system. The G.P.F. accounts of All India Service Officers borne on State cadres and Officers of State Governments/Railways/Defence/ P&T Departments shall be nominated by the Accounts Officer concerned of their Government/Department. The G.P.F. account of All India Service Officers borne on Union Territory cadre shall be maintained centrally by the Pay and Accounts Office, Delhi Administration, No. VI, Tis Hazari (Treasury Building) to whom the credit and debit shall be passed on by cheque duly supported by schedules/vouchers.

[Refer Correction Slip 84]

6.1.2     Accounts of Group 'D' employees will continue to be maintained by the Heads of Offices. The drawing officers are required to furnish along with bills for Group 'D' staff, certificates showing the total amount of Provident Fund subscription deducted from each bill. The Pay and Accounts Offices will maintain ion the basis of these certificates a DDO-wise broad-sheet and effect agreement between broad-sheet and account figures. 


6.2.1     As soon as a Government servant starts subscribing to the Fund, the Pay and Accounts Office should endeavour to secure that the subscriber furnishes a nomination in the prescribed form as required under the rules of the Fund.

6.2.2     The nomination on receipt should be scrutinised to see that it is complete and is drawn up in accordance with the provisions of the rules regulating the Fund. On acceptance of the nomination, a suitable note in that regard shall be made at the top of the account of the subscriber in the ledger folio which shall be carried forward to new ledger folio and also in the General Index Register. Acknowledgement shall also be sent to the subscriber through office. The nomination shall be filed in a 'General File of Nomination' which shall be kept in the personal custody of the officer in charge of the Fund Section. A physical verification of the nominations shall be conducted at least once in 3 years and a record of its actual conduct shall be kept in the General Index Register. The entry in the General Index Register regarding receipt of nominations shall be attested by the officer-in-charge over his dated initials. Whenever a revised nomination is received from a subscriber, the superseded one should be cancelled and returned to the subscriber.

6.2 3     As soon as each final payment is made, a record to that effect should be made on the relevant nomination over the initials of the Accounts Officer and such nomination should be removed from the guard file and placed in chronological order of payment in a separate guard file. A nomination filed with the accounts office is one of the most important documents and serves the same purpose as a will of the subscriber and, therefore, it should be preserved most carefully by the Accounts Officer and transferred to the other Accounts Officer whenever the subscriber's account is transferred from one circle to another. 


6.3.1     When a subscription is made for the first time or a revised rate is adopted, it should be seen that the amount of subscription is within the minimum and maximum limits prescribed under the relevant rules of the Fund.


6.4.1     Check of advance from Fund consists in seeing the following points:— 

          (i) that the advance has been sanctioned by the competent authority;

(ii) that the amount sanctioned is covered by the balance at the credit of the subscriber;

(iii) that the conditions under which the advances can be granted under the relevant rules of the fund are fulfilled; and

(iv) that recoveries on account of principal are being made regularly.

6.4.2     The cheque Drawing and Disbursing Officers of Ministries/Departments are also authorised to make payment of advances out of Provident Fund after Sanction of the competent authority to the advance obtained, a copy of which is also to be sent to the Pay & Accounts Office vide Note 4 below Para 3.1.1 to Chapter 3. In such cases, on receipt of sanction, fully particulars of the sanction should be noted in the ledger folio by the P.A.O. Receipt of the statement of the amounts paid and particulars of the sanction, names of the subscribers, the account numbers etc. expected to be forwarded by the Cheque Drawing D.D.O. to the P.A.O every month under provisions of the para quoted above should be watched so as to enable the P.A.O. to ensure that the debit vouchers are received and posted in the accounts of the subscribers and that the debits adjustable by Accounts Officers of other Departments/Governments are passed on to them immediately.

Note : In respect of All India Service officers on deputation to the Central Government, the Pay & Accounts Officer of that Ministry/Department will make payment of the GPF advance/Part final withdrawal from G.P.F. on the basis of sanction issued by the competent authority in the Central Government and classify the same under the major etc. heads 858—P.A.O. Suspense etc. The P.A.O. will raise a debit against the A.G. concerned for getting reimbursement.

However, in the case of All India Service Officers on deputation to autonomous bodies/public sector undertakings under the Central Govt., the PAOs should not be involved. The autonomous bodies/public sector undertakings will make payment of the GPF advance/withdrawals sanctioned by the respective Ministry controlling the autonomous body/P.S.U. to the subscribers and claim reimbursement from the State A.G. concerned.

As regards other officials of State Governments/ Autonomous Bodies on deputation to the Central Government, the concerned State Government/Autonomous Body only can grant advances/withdrawals to such deputationists, unless the concerned State Government/Autonomous Body have delegated powers to the Central Government departments for grant of advances/withdrawals from Provident Fund to such deputationists. Information as to whether a certain State Government or Autonomous Body have delegated such powers to the Central Government departments should be ascertained by the concerned Central Government department by writing to the concerned State Government/Autonomous Body. It should, however, be noted that even if such powers have been delegated by a State Government/Autonomous Body to Central Government, departments, the Provident Fund Rules of the concerned State Government/Autonomous Body should be followed in granting advances/withdrawals to such deputationists from their Provident Fund accounts.

[Refer Correction Slip 48], [Refer Correction Slip 187]

6.4.3     An installment towards an advance should be recovered from the pay of the month following the month in which the advance was drawn.

6.4.4     The Accounts Officers are not empowered to disallow an advance sanctioned by the competent authority. In cases where the sanction does not conform to the rules, objections should be pursued initially with the sanctioning authority till the defects are removed and a revised sanction is issued. If an advance has been granted to a subscriber and drawn by him and the advance is subsequently disallowed before repayment is completed the whole or balance of the amount withdrawn shall forthwith be repaid by the subscriber to the Fund or in default be ordered by the Accounts Officer to be recovered by deduction from the emoluments of the subscriber as per the provisions in Rule 13(5) of the GPF(CS) Rules. 


6.5.1     Check of withdrawal from the Fund for the purposes specified in Rule 15 of GPF Rules and corresponding provisions in the CPF Rules shall consist in seeing that :—

(i) withdrawal has been sanctioned by the competent authority;

(ii) the amount is covered by the balance at the credit of the subscriber;

(iii) the sanction is in conformity with the rules of the fund.

6.5.2     Sanction after being scrutinised as above, shall be entered in the 'Remarks' column of the ledger folio. Payments against such sanctions will be made only after pre-check of the bill by the P.A.O.

6.5.3     Final withdrawal of the entire balance in the account at the time of quitting service should be authorised by the P.A.O. and paid only after pre-check by the P.A.O. (The detailed procedure to be followed in this regard will be prescribed by the Pr.A.Os). The progress of settlement of final payment cases should be watched through a Register of Final Payment Cases (Form CAM-51). The receipt of the certificate of actual disbursement to the correct payee, to be submitted by the D.D.O, will be watched by the P.A.O. through the register of settlement of final payment cases.

6.5.4     In the case of final withdrawal of part of the balance for specific purposes,the sanctions will be scrutinised by P.A.O. and entered in the 'Remarks' column of the Ledger Card/Folio. Such payments will also be made only after pre-check by the P.A.O. Advances sanctioned by the competent authority in terms of Rule 34(3) of the G.P.F.(CS) Rules, after forwarding the application for final payment to the Accounts Officer shall also be paid only after pre-check of the bill by the P.A.O.  


6.6.1     The concession of financing policy from the Fund under the rules shall be applicable only to those subscribers who were having this concession prior to 17th December, 1960, the date of publication of the General Provident Fund (Central Services) Rules. These subscribers are not permitted to finance any new policy from the Fund. In cases where the Government has permitted the subscriber to pay the insurance premia out of the amount standing to his credit in his Provident Fund Account as above, it is necessary that the insurance policies should be assigned to Government with a view to preventing the subscriber from trafficking in the policy and securing the proceeds of-the policy for the purpose for which the Provident Fund is designed.

6.6.2     A Stock Register of policies (Form CAM-45) should be maintained to keep a record of the policies accepted by the P.A.O. for being financed from the Provident Fund. These policies shall be kept in the personal custody of the officer in charge of the Fund Section and shall be verified annually and a record of such verification shall be kept in the Stock Register of policies.

6.6.3     Details of the policies, i.e. Stock Register No., No. of policy, due date and amount of premium, period of payment and date of maturity should also be kept at the top of the ledger folio in the space provided for the purpose. The policy should be treated as valuable and its safe custody should be ensured personally by the P.A.O.

6.6.4     In order to watch the timely realisation of money due on maturity of the policies, a Register of Details of Maturity of Policies Policies (Form CAM 46) shall be maintained.

6.6.5     Action should be taken 3 months prior to the maturity of the policy for realising the amount due from the insurance company. In checking the vouchers (pre check and post check) for withdrawals from the Fund for payment of premium it should be seen that :-

(i) the policy is in proper form;

(ii) the policy has been duly assigned and delivered to the Accounts Officer in accordance with the rules; and

(iii) the amount agrees with the amount of premium as noted in the ledger folio and that it is certified on the bill by the head of office that the presentation of this claim/application for withdrawal of the amount was made within 3 months from the date of payment to the insurance company.


6.7.1     In respect of transfer from one Pay and Accounts Officer to another whether within the same Ministry or to a different Ministry, the transfers will be settled by issue of cheque of the category "Government Account—not payable in cash", drawn in favour of the Accounts Officer to whose circle the Government servant has been transferred.

6.7.2 The transfer of G.P. Fund balance from one PAO to another in respect of an account arising consequent on transfer of the subscriber would not be accompanied by the original ledger folio/card maintained by the PAO. Only an extract therefrom, duly attested by the Pay and Accounts Officer, and indicating the following details, shall be appended in such cases :

(i) Closing balance as on 31st of March of the preceding financial year (This should also include interest as on that date, bonus, if any, credited to the subscriber's account as per the extent orders and any other amounts such as A.D.A. etc. not payable in cash but creditable to G.P.F.).

(ii) Subscriptions and repayment of temporary advance monthwise, and amount such as A.D.A. etc. credited to the G.P.F. account during the relevant months of the year.

(iii) Temporary advance/Part final withdrawal if any with amount drawn and month of drawal during the relevant months of the year.

(iv) Balance as at the end of the relevant month (this should be equal to the cheque enclosed or the Proforma statement, as the case may be).

(v) Details of temporary advance(s) and withdrawal(s) paid during the preceding 3 years; or a certificate regarding 'nil' drawal, as the case may be.

(vi) Closing balance in the account as on 31st March of the three preceding financial years.

In addition, details of missing credits/debits pertaining to predepartmentalisation period, if any, which have still not been adjusted on collateral evidence basis in the subscriber's account, details of temporary advances drawn by him against which recoveries are being accounted for, nominations submitted by him (to be sent in original) and, wherever necessary, details of insurance policy being financed out of the GP Fund Account along with the policy concerned shall also be sent. In respect of any credits/debits missing for the post-departmentalisation period, the details of such cases should also be furnished but the transfer PAO shall be responsible for taking necessary action to trace out the missing credits/debits and to pass on the same to the new PAO.

[Refer Correction Slip 74], [Refer Correction Slip 96], [Refer Correction Slip 177]


6.8.1     The accounts of subscribers shall be maintained in a Ledger Folio (Form CAM-47), one complete folio being allotted to each subscriber. The receipt and acceptance of nominations should be noted at the top of this folio and entries should be duly attested under the dated initials of the Accounts Officer. The entries relating to name, No. etc. and the fact of discontinuance of subscription should be attested by the Jr. Accounts Officer. All the opening entries in the new ledger folio, namely, subscription, opening balance, advance outstanding, details of the insurance policies, acceptance of nominations should be attested by the Jr. Accounts Officer. When the account of the subscriber is closed, the date of and the reason for the closure shall be noted in the ledger folio as well as in the Index Register under the dated initials of the J.A.O. The reasons for the closure like retirement, resignation, quittal, transfer out of Accounts circle etc. shall be noted by using a rubber stamp, prominently in the ledger card, indicating also, the amount of final payment made to the subscriber or balance transferred to the Pay and Accounts Office concerned as the case may be, over the signature of the Pay and Accounts Officer in each case.

[Refer Correction Slip 85]

6.8.2     The ledgers which are important original records should be treated as confidential documents and kept under lock and in almirahs. The ledgers may be taken out whenever necessary. Before leaving office, Junior Accountant should see that all the ledgers are placed back in, the almirah.

6.8.3     The following are the sources from which the ledger accounts should be posted:—

(a) Provident Fund schedules attached to pay bills paid by P.A.Os or D.D.Os having cheque drawing powers.

(b) Schedules for cash deposits made by the subscriber at the banks.

(c) Schedules supported by vouchers of withdrawals from Provident Fund.

(d) Details of debits and credits to Fund appearing otherwise in accounts, for example, transfer adjustments, inward accounts etc. The Schedules and debit vouchers should be made over by the Compilation Section to the Fund Section along with a covering statement after (i) verifying that the subscriptions/refunds shown in the schedules agree with those shown in the bills, (ii) effecting an agreement of the total credits and debits as per the covering statement, with 'he figures in the classified abstract.


6.8.4     An entry regarding allotment of Account Number should be made in the General Index Register and in the alphabetical Index Register maintained (Form CAM-44), the entries in the General Index Register being made serially in the order of receipt and acceptance of application for enrolment to the Fund. The designation of the subscriber should invariably be noted in the relevant column in this register. When the names are identical, the name of father of the subscriber or in the case of female married subscriber, the name of husband should be ascertained and noted in this register. The entries in this register shall be attested by the Jr. Accounts Officer, who shall be responsible to keep this up-to-date.

6.8.5     The disbursing officers are required to attach to the Establishment Pay Bill, a schedule in form No. TR 56 showing the No. of the account, the name and pay of the subscriber, the rate of subscription, the amount realised towards refund of withdrawal if any made.

6.8.6     On receipt of schedules and debit vouchers in the Fund Section, the Jr. Accountant should proceed to post the figures in the ledger folio of the subscriber. He should take out a schedule and the amount shown therein as subscription/refund of advance should be posted in the ledger folio of the subscriber in the relevant column provided against the column of the month of the account. After the credit is posted in the ledger, the letter 'P' should be marked against the amount in the schedule indicating that item has been posted in the ledger folio. This process should be continued till the whole of the posting work is completed.

6.8.7     In cases where the recovery of the subscription/refund relates to some previous months, the month to which the credit pertains should also be noted in the ledger folio. In case of recoveries on account of arrears of dearness allowance, matured value of insurance policies etc. the details thereof need be noted in the relevant column of the month of account.

Note: 1     The name, designation and Account No. shown in the schedule should be tallied with those shown in the ledger folio. Any discrepancy/omission shall be pointed out to the D.D.O concerned.

Note: 2     The deductions for April every year should be checked with reference to the rate of pay drawn by each subscriber on March, 31st preceding. Similar check should be made on deductions made for the first time in a year during the course of the year.

Note:3     In the case of cash deposits of subscription, refund of advance or realisation of the proceeds of a policy, the date of receipt must invariably be noted in the ledger folio.

Note: 4     In the case of subscription paid in subsequent months, it should be verified that the amount subscribed agrees with the rate adopted in the first month of the year except when the rate is altered during the course of the year under the rules of the Fund.

6.8.8     If any credit/debit cannot be posted in the ledger folio for want of correct Account No., name etc. it should be encircled and the word 'M' recorded against it which would indicate that it is not being posted. Such items should then be posted in the Explanation Sheet of Differences of the broad-sheet with sufficient particulars in the broadsheet itself so as to enable action being taken for its subsequent clearance without reference to the original records.

6.8.9     Posting should also be made of items which are cleared from the Explanation Sheet of Differences of previous months. The month to which the credit pertains should invariably be noted in red ink against the month in which the credit is adjusted. In cases where the Account No. and the name do not tally with each other, a reference should be made to the Alphabetical Index Register to ascertain the correct Account No. and items posted in the ledger folio. The payment vouchers which relate to drawal of temporary advance from the G.P. Fund/payment of insurance premia by the Cheque Drawing D.D.Os shall also be posted in the proper cage of ledger folio.

6.8.10     After the postings in the ledger are completed, the figures entered in the ledger account of the subscriber should be carried over to the relevant broadsheet.


6.9.1     A broadsheet in form as above should be maintained for each convenient group of ledger accounts. In order to verify the postings made in the ledger with the monthly account, the figures entered in each ledger folio should be posted in the broadsheet against the respective account number. Thereafter page-wise totals of credits and debits should be struck in the broadsheet, these totals are to be carried over to the consolidated sheet and final totals struck. This will represent the total of the amount posted in the ledger folio and it should agree with the totals of the schedules except for the amount kept as unposted in the Explanation Sheet of Differences. If there is no such agreement, the broadsheet should be checked with the original schedules. This should be done by ticking the amount shown in each schedule against individual account numbers with the corresponding figures posted in the broadsheet.

6.9.2     Broadsheets should be closed on or before 2nd of the second succeeding month following that to which the transactions relate and submitted to the officer in charge for review, i.e. broadsheet for April should be closed and submitted to the Accounts Officer by 2nd June.

[Refer Correction Slip 66]


6.10.1     After the accounts for March final are closed, the balance at the credit of each subscriber as on 31st of March, including interest and bonus for the year should be worked in the ledger as well as in broadsheets. The totals of closed balances shown in the broadsheets should be reconciled with total figures under concerned head of account in the accounts of the year. The individual closing balances in the broadsheets should also be verified with those in the ledger folio before they are carried over to the next year's ledger folio and broadsheets as opening balances. The balances so carried forward should be attested by the Junior Accounts Officer in charge.

[Refer Correction Slip 65]

6.10.2     Statements of Subscriber's Annual Accounts should be prepared in Form CAM 49 and despatched to the subscribers not later than 31st July each year. The accounts statements should be sent to the respective heads of offices who should be called upon to send a certificate that all the account statements received by them have been received and delivered to the subscribers. A strict watch should be kept over the receipt of acknowledgements of balances by the subscribers.

[Refer Correction Slip 182]

6.10.3     On receipt of any representations from the subscribers along with certificates of the deductions pointing out any mistake in the annual statement of account, immediate action should be taken to locate the missing credit/debit and to adjust them in the subscriber's account.

6.10.4     An annual review of Provident Fund accounts should also be conducted after the despatch of annual accounts mainly to see that there are no cases of omission to open ledger accounts or maintenance of duplicate account for the same subscriber; to examine generally that credits appear in all the months and reasons for non-recovery or irregular recovery of advances and subscriptions are properly recorded in the ledger folio and that the balances are correctly carried forward from year to year. A detailed re-check of the postings, especially the debits should also be conducted in such a way that at least one month credit postings and all the 12 months debit postings ere checked fully. This review should be got done by staff independent of maintenance of broadsheets and may be entrusted to Internal Audit Wing.


6.11.1     With a view to locating readily the wanting credit/debit in the P.F. Account of subscribers, all the ledger folios shall be reviewed twice a year (September and March) by the Jr. Accounts Officer. He should enter in the register of missing credits/debits cases in which credits and debits have not appeared in the respective ledger folios and institute an enquiry immediately to trace them. The unposted items lying in the relevant broadsheets should also be scrutinised for this purpose. In respect of subscribers whose credits are normally received from other Accounts Offices, reference should be made to the concerned office to intimate the particulars of the outward account in which the credits/debits are passed on. In other case, the Drawing and Disbursing Officers should be requested to intimate the particulars of the bills in which the subscriptions were recovered or the amount was drawn on account of temporary withdrawals from Provident Fund Account.

6.11.2     The register of missing credit/debit shall be closed every month and submitted to the Accounts Officer on the last working day of the month indicating the action taken in respect of each item.


6.12.1     The G.P. Fund Accounts of Central Government Group 'D' employees are maintained by Heads of Offices. The P.A.Os should maintain broadsheets Heads of Office-wise for tallying monthly figures of credits posted from consolidated certificate of deduction attached to individual pay bills and from vouchers for temporary and final withdrawals with those shown in the accounts and also for tallying the figures with the annual statements of credits and debits furnished by Heads of Departments. Interest and bonus creditable for each year should be incorporated in the accounts on the basis of statements furnished by Heads of Offices. Internal Audit Wing should check periodically the state of maintenance of G.P. Fund accounts of Group 'D' staff by the Heads of Offices.