G.A.R. 8

(See Note 2 below rule 26)


Challan for remittance of Cash (including Demand Drafts) with the State Bank of India Tis Hazari/ Reserve Bank of India, New Delhi for depositing rupee equivalent of foreign Currency payment made out of loans/credits/grants received from foreign countries under the direct To be filled by remitter

By whom tendered Name, design of the person on whose behalf money is deposited. Min. of Fin. letter of authority No./letter of Instruction No & date Description of loans/ credit/grants

Full particulars of the

Amount in foreign currency in respect of which rupee deposits are being made Date of payment to the supplier
1 2 3 4 5 6
Name Here enter importer's name and address        


remittance & authority, if any

Period for which interest is paid Total amount deposited (Col 8 + 9) Head of A/C Accounts Officer by whom adjustable
Composite rate adopted for conversion Rupee equivalent of the foreign currency Interest amount deposited
7 8 9 10 11 12 13
        (in words & figures)   Controller of Aid Accounts & Audit, Ministry of Finance) (Deptt. of Economic Affairs) UCO Bank Bldg. New Delhi


Received payment (in Words)...................  Rs. .......................................
Treasurer................................ Accountant Agent



Particulars Amount

Rs.           P.

Notes with details  
Cheques with details  
(Here enter DD Particulars No. & Date
(to be filled in by importers/his bank)


1. Column 9 —For purposes of calculating interest the date of posting the demand draft will be deemed to be the date of deposit of rupee equivalent in the Government account.

2. Column 10 — Here specify date, month and year (from the date of payment to the foreign supplier to the date of deposit both days inclusive).

3. Column 9 and 10 — Need not be filled in the case of pre-deposit.

4. Column 12 —The appropriate loan or credit number and its description should be entered as 'Detailed head'.

5. Original challan of remittance should be sent to the Controller of Aid Accounts and Audit, Ministry of Finance, (Department of Economic Affairs), UCO Bank Building, Parliament Street, New Delhi-110001 by the State Bank of India, Tis Hazari, Delhi-6/ Reserve Bank of lndia. New Delhi-110001, the duplicate copy will be sent to the PAO (Accounts Wing) O/o the CAA&A, Jeevan Deep Building, Parliament Sheet, Now Delhi-110001, the triplicate copy will be sent to the remitter and the quadruplicate copy will be retained by the State Bank of India, Tis Hazari/ Reserve Bank of India, New Delhi as record.