G.A.R.-13 (outer)

[See rule 66 (1)]


Instruction for Preparation of Pay Bill

1. A separate pay bill should be prepared for:—

(i) establishments whose charges are debitable to different heads of account, 

(ii) group of personnel to whom salary is payable individually by cheque, and 

(iii) Group 'D' employees;

But the same bill may include both permanent and temporary establishments.

2. A red line should be drawn right across the sheet after each section of the establishment and under it, the totals of various columns shown in red ink.

3. The names of persons holding posts substantively should be entered in order of seniority (as measured by substantive pay drawn) and below those will be shown the posts left vacant and the persons officiating in the vacancies.

4. Officiating pay should be recorded in the section of the bill appropriate to that in which the Government servant officiates and transit pay should be recorded in the same section as that in which the duty pay of the Government servant after transfer is recorded

5. Where amounts due to undisbursed pay and allowances have been refunded, the names and designation of the incumbents and also other connected details of the claim should be shown in red ink in the respective columns of the pay bill immediately below the entries showing details of the aggregate claim to be drawn, the not amount required for payment would then be worked out. The bill No. and date in which the amount being refunded was earlier drawn should be shown in the 'Remarks' column. Refunds relating to previous financial year (s) are to be classified as revenue-receipts of the Ministry/Department.

6. Arrears of pay and allowances should not be claimed in the regular pay bill. Separate pay bill should be prepared for claiming arrears.

7. The deductions of surcharge should be made at the prescribed rate.

8. (i) The schedules in support of deductions/recoveries should be prepared major head-wise. The schedule of G.P.F. deductions should also give complete details as to the G.P.F. Account No., G.P.F. contributions and G.P.F. advance recoveries separately. 'The schedule of interest receipts should contain complete details of recoveries of interest on loans and advances to Government servant separately for H.B.A., M.C.A. advances for the purchase of other motor conveyances, other conveyance etc. Similarly, the schedule of loans and advances deductions should show separately, the deductions on account of H.B.A., M.C.A advances for the purchase of other Motor conveyances other conveyances etc. etc.

(ii) In support of the deductions adjustable with other Accounts Officer, the schedule giving complete details of deductions head-wise should be prepared separately for each Accounts Office concerned.

9. In the 'Remarks' column should be recorded all unusual events such as death, retirement, suspension, permanent transfer and first appointment which find no place in the increment certificates or absentee statement.

10. The pay bill should be accompanied by a copy of the L.P.C. and absentee statement where necessary.

11. The following abbreviations should be used in this and all other documents submitted with pay bills:

Earned Leave E.L.
Half Pay Leave H.A.P.
Leave Salary L.S.
Conveyance Allowance C.A.
House Rent Allowance H.R.A.
Under Suspension S.P.
On Foreign Service F.S.
Vacant Vac.
Last Pay Certificate L.P.C.
Subsistance Grant S.G.
Transit Pay T.P.
Motor Car Advance M.C.A.
House Building Advance H.B.A.
Central Government Employees Insurance Scheme C.G.E.LS.
Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme C.G.E.G.I.S.
Postal Life Insurance P.L.I.
On other Duty O.D.
Central Government Health Scheme C.G.H.S.


Name of office. Bill No. and date
Period of payment. Token No. and date.
Voucher No. and date.

Abstract of the data and other particulars

(a) Deductions/recoveries adjustable in the books of PAO Classification of expenditure (to be filled in by the DOO).
021—Taxes on Income other than Corporation Tax. Demand No.

Rs.  P.     

Major Head
Income Tax (Col. 9) Group Head
    Surcharge (Col. 9) Minor Head


049—Interest Receipts (Col. 15) Detailed Heads                                           Rs. P.
(i) Interest on HBA Salaries (Cols. 3 to 6)
(ii) Interest on motor conveyance advance Dearness allowances (Col. 7)
(iii) Interest on Other conveyances I— Grand Total (Col. 8)
(a) Less deductions/recoveries adjustable by Pay and Accounts Officer as per details in the margin (a) (Col. 19)
080—Medical CGHS Contributions (Col. 10) (b) Less deductions/recoveries adjustable by other Accounts
083—Housing Licence fee (Col. 11) Offices (Col. 24)
088—Social Security and Welfare CGHS (Col. 12)  


766.—Loans to Government servants, etc. 858—Suspense Accounts—
Long term Advances (Col. 13) Pay and Accounts Office Suspenses Transactions adjustable with
(i) H.B.A.
(ii) Advances for the purchase of Motor Car (i) A.G.
(iii) Advances for the purchase of Other motor conveyances (ii) P.A.O.
Short term Advance (Col. 14) (iii)
(i) Other conveyances (iv)
(ii) Festival Advances (v)
(iii) Other Advances
(iv) Total
(c) Deduct—Undisbursed amount(s) (Please see Instruction No. 5)
805—State Provident Fund—(Cols. 16 and 17) II—Total deductions/recoveries (Col. 25)
GP Fund (Others) III—Net amount (I minus II)
GP Fund (Group 'D') required for payment by—
CP Fund (i) cheque for self/as per details given in the bill
Miscellaneous recoveries—(Col. 18) (ii) Demand Draft in favour of ............................ ........................................................ ............................
Overpayments made during the previous financial year (Schedule incorporating details to be attached)* ..................at.............. ..........
(a) —Total (Col. 19) (Rupees............................)
* [to be used only when the amount refunded relates to vious financial year (s) . (Col. 26)


G.A.R. 13 (last Page Top)

For use In pay and Accounts Office

I. Certified that the classifications of both payments and recoveries have been checked and corrections made, where necessary.
J.A.O. P.A.O.
II. Pay Order

Pay Rs...................(Rupees................) to................ 
(D.D.O. by designation/vide details given in the bill) by.................... 
Cheque/Bank Draft at..............................

Cheque No. and date to be 
Indicated after delivery.


Pay and Accounts Officer.
III. Post check of Vouchers received from Cheque Drawing D.D.O.s

Admitted Rs............................. 
Objected Rs.........................................................
(with brief reasons)

postcheck of Pre-checked

J.A.O. P.A.O. J.A.O. P.A.O.


(Inner sheet of GAR 13)

Serial No. of posts Section of establishment and name of incumbent



Substantive pay/ officiating pay (personal pay or special pay if any, should also be shown in this column as a separate entry below substantive officiating pay) Leave Salary Compensatory (City) / House rent allowance Other compensatory allowances and other  charges

Dearneas allowance including A.D.A.

Total amount due Deductions/ recoveries adjustable by P.A.O. Loan to Government servant .
Income Tax C.G.H.S. contributions Licence fee C.G.E.I.S. Long term advances Short term advances
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
    Rs.  P. Rs.  P. Rs.  P. Rs.  P. Rs.  P. Rs.  P. Rs. P. Rs. P. Rs. P. Rs.  P. Rs.  P. Rs.  P.




Interest on recoverable loans and advances

G.P.F./ C.P.F. contributions G.P.F./ C.P.F. Advance recoveries Other deductions Total (Cols. 9 to 18)

Deductions/recoveries adjustable by other Accounts Officers

Net amount reared for payment Provident/ P.L.I. Fund Account No.' Remarks
GJ.F./C.P.F. contributions/ recoveries P.L.I. Loans  and advances Other recoveries Total (Cols. 20 to 23) Total deductions (Cols. 19 &24)
15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
Rs. P. Rs. P. Rs. P. Rs. P. Rs. P. Rs. P. Rs. P. Rs. P. Rs. P. Rs. P. Rs. P. Rs. P.    






GAR—13 (last page bottom)

Certified that I have satisfied myself that—

(a) the amounts claimed in the bill are actually due to the persons concerned and the conditions attached to the payment of various allowances have been duly complied with in all cases;

(b) The claims have been made against sanctioned posts (Details of cases, if any, where claims have been made in anticipation of sanction may be mentioned) and, wherever necessary, sanctions of competent authority have been obtained as regards grant of increment, crossing of efficiency bar, fixation of pay, grant of leave, etc and that these events have been properly noted in the related service books.

(c) the particulars of the various deductions/recoveries have been fully noted in the attached schedules and the totals shown in these schedules agree with those even in the bill

(d) all emoluments included in bills drawn 1 month/ 2 months/ 3 months previous to this date with the exception of those detailed in the bill have been disbursed to the proper persons and that their acquittances have been taken and filed in my office with receipt stamps duly cancelled for every amount in excess of Rs.20.

(e) all persons whose names are omitted from, but whose pay has been drawn in this bill have actually been employed during the month, that full details of the emoluments drawn for them working up to the total included in this bill have been duly shown in the Pay BiIl Register and that the emoluments drawn are according to the relevant rules and orders.

Station .................................. 
Date.. .................................... 

Designation of Drawing Officer


G.A.R. 13A

(See rule 66)

Alternative Inner Sheets of pay bills etc.

MINISTRY OF _____________

Deptt. / Office of ____________

For the month of __________ Payable on _________

Regular Establishment Bill for

Page No. ____________

Bill No. ____________

Scheme ____________

Plan / Non Plan __________

S.N. Name


Design. PLI No. Subs/Off. Pay
P.Pay/Sp. Pay
L.S. HRA CCA Other Com. All charges Total DA
Total Amount due Net payable Other deductions Net payable * Details of recoveries adjustable by other account offices Remarks
IT S.Ch CGHS L. Fee CGEGIS CGEIS HB Adv. Con. Adv Fes. Adv. Cycle Adv. Interest on Loan & Adv GPF/ CPF Cont. GPF/ CPF Adv. Refd. *Recov. adj. by Other Off. Total Deductions
Ref ____






Subs/Off. Pay
P.Pay/ Sp. Pay
L.S. HRA CCA Other Com. All charges Total DA
Total Amount due Net payable Other deductions Net payable    
IT S.Ch CGHS L. Fee CGEGIS CGEIS HB Adv. Con. Adv Fes. Adv. Cycle Adv. Interest on Loan & Adv GPF/ CPF Cont. GPF/ CPF Adv. Refd. *Recov. adj. by Other Off. Total Deductions