Correction Slip No. 693
Dated: 08.12.2010
Page No. xvii (Reprint of Fourth Edition)
General Directions
Replace the words “Functional major/sub-major heads wherever necessary”
appearing in line 2 & 3 of para 3.8 of General Directions with the following:
“major/ sub-major heads of Sector - Expenditure Heads (Revenue Account/
Capital Account) , wherever necessary”
Page No. xxii (Reprint of Fourth Edition)
Insert the common nomenclature under para 8 of General Directions after the
existing Minor Head ‘501 Services and Service Fees’:-
789 Special Component Plan for Scheduled Castes
(Effective from 2011 - 12)
(Authority T – 14018/1/2010-Codes)
(H. K. Srivastava)
Dy. Controller General of Accounts