IT related Orders and Circulars

eSamarth - OM No. ITD-CGA/07-11/GPF-MIDS/Pt. file III/888-925 Dated 29th October 2012
eSamarth OM No. ITD-CGA/07-11/GPF-MIDS/Pt.fileIII/ Dated 14th September 2012
Release of New Mandator Upgrade of COMPACT Ver.6.01 Rel 07092012 OM No. MF-CGA/ID/7/11/2012-2013/ dated 14th September 2012
PrAO_ICAS Data      Download Excel Sheet
ePayment Implementation Status - Feed back requirement      Download Excel Sheet
Pr.AO_PAO Data OM dated 5th June 2012      Download Excel Sheet
ITD - Help Desk for Centralized Reporting/Monitoring of bugs related problems/issues OM dated 22nd May 2012
Integration of Finance Accounts with e-Lekha OM dated 18th April 2012
Gazette Notification No.GSR-268(E) -Notification of Central Government Account(Receipts & Payments) (Amendment) Rules, 2012
Meeting on implementation of Additional Disclosure of acounting data on Ministry's websites & Group 'B' Database creation
Payment to Suppliers etc.above Rs.25000 by Government Departments through e-Payment from 1st April 2012
Payment to Government Servants other than Salary etc. through e-Payment from 1st April 2012
Training on e-Payment System for PAOs - O.M. Dated-24th February,2012
e-Payment training for officials of PAOs in INGAF
Preparation and Setup of COMPACT Primary and Mirror Servers for e-Payments
OM regarding training on integration of Finance Accounts into e-Lekha
Constitution of a Cell for implementation of ePayment System through GePG in PAOs of all Civil Ministries/Departments
Implementation of e-Payment System in Pay & Accounts Offices of Civil Ministries/Departments - OM dated 24th November 2011
Implementation of e-Payment System in PAOs of Civil Ministries/Department OM dated 15.11.2011
Implementation of e-Payment System in Civil Ministries/ Departments - OM dated 28th October 2011
Implementation of e-Payment System in PAOs of Civil Ministries/Departments
OM regarding implementation of mandatory daily abstract file upload on e-Lekha
Workshops on Mandatory upload of Daily Account Abstract on e-lekha in Chennai, Kolkata & Mumbai
Operating procedure for e-Payment through COMPACT and Government e-Payment Gateway
Workshops in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata - Schedule with PAO details
Workshop on COMPACT, e-Lekha Best Practices and e-Payment Sensitization in Shillong
Upgradation of COMPACT with latest Upgrade release
Cheque Printing through COMPACT
BSR Code Directory - regarding
Mandatory usage of GPF & Pension Modules of COMPACT from 1.4.2010
Venue for 'Workshop on COMPACT -Lekha best practices and e-Payment Sensitization’ at Ahmedabad and Jaipur
Venue for 'Workshop on COMPACT -Lekha best practices and e-Payment Sensitization’ in Hyderabad on 14.12.2009
Office Memorandum regarding COMPACT, e-Lekha issues
Submission of Monthly Accounts through e-lekha- Regarding
Steps to be followed in procuring the Digital signature certificate for PAO on USB I-Key tokens
Reconciled PAO/DDO Codes - Reports available under e-Lekha
Flagship Schemes - Creation of Sanction ID
COMPACT review meeting on 22-02-2008
Issue of Accounting instructions on Payments and Receipts of Government departments through electronic media
Issue of General instructions on Payments and Receipts of Government departments through electronic media
Calendar for Review Meeting on COMPACT Implementation
Core group in CGA office to attend the problems of COMPACT
Comprehensive Database backup stragegy for Pay and Accounts Officers implementing COMPACT
Password Policy of PAOs for COMPACT
Release of PrAO2eLekha package for feeding of DDG 2007-2008
Bookings at inconsistant accounting heads - regarding
Upload of monthly accounts on "e-Lekha"
Changed Grant No. for FY 2007-2008
Release of COMPACT Version 5.02
COMPACT Inspection Strategy
Download COMPACT Inspection Templates

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