Information Technology Initiatives: - It has been an endeavour of Controller General of Accounts to develop Information Technology based solutions using modern technology to leverage the organization’s core strength of data collection, processing, analysis and presentation of value enhanced services to multifarious users. In line with this various initiatives have been taken in respect of the under mentioned software in use in the CGA’s organization.


- COMPACT: - has been developed for use in the Pay and Accounts offices of all the Civil Ministries of Union Government. COMPACT provides for monitoring of expenditure with respect to the budgetary provisions and receipts, maintenance of GPF accounts, authorisation of pension/gratuity, reconciliation with banks and incorporation of accounts from the Cheque drawing and disbursing officers under a Pay and  Accounts office. It is already implemented in nearly all the Pay and Accounts offices of Civil Ministries.


- CONTACT/ CONTACT (ORA):- Pay and Accounts offices of all Ministries submit their accounts to the Principal Accounts office of the respective Ministries, where the accounts are compiled using CONTACT/ CONTACT (ORA). These applications are used by all the Principal Accounts offices for compiling the accounts for a Ministry.


- GAINS: - For consolidation of the monthly accounts and the Annual Finance and Appropriation accounts of the Union Government, office of Controller General of Accounts uses the GAINS package. Compiled accounts received from different accounting circles are an input to the application.


- e-Lekha: - An application to facilitate the daily uploading of the accounts from Pay and Accounts offices to a central database. The application facilitates faster compilation of accounts, consistency of the database and availability of accounting information in more user friendly manner. The e-Lekha has won National Award Silver for e-Governance 2008-09 for Exemplary Horizontal Transfer of ICT based Best practice.


The reports of CONTACT/CONTACT (ORA) and GAINS are now being integrated into e-Lekha to facilitate automatic generation of Monthly, Finance and Appropriation Accounts as envisaged in the IT strategy of the CGA.


- Web-Site: - Website of this office  displays the monthly and annual Appropriation and Finance accounts of Union Government. It also displays information related to personnel management in civil accounts organization, important orders and circulars, rules/publication released by Controller General  of Accounts, important accounting policies and procedures and  examination results for Junior accounts officer(Civil).  A support website  for users of the IT applications is also hosted.


          Management information system has also been developed for better internal controls in the organization. Information related to progress in settlement of pension cases, GPF, balances under various debt, deposit, suspense and remittance heads and other administrative issues is submitted online by various Controllers to office of CGA and analysed thereafter.