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20.8.99 Nomination for the post of Superintendent (Accounts)   in the pay scale of 6500-200-10500  on deputation basis in Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi. (Eligibility: 3 years in the scale of 15500-9000/ Passed SAS or equivalent examination/2 yrs experience in accounting, budgeting, PF and pension work.) Ref: IIPA letter dated 26.7.99).
15.9.99 Filling up of the post of Accounts Officer in the pay scale 7450-225-11500) in Ministry of Surface Transport on deputation basis. (Eligibility: Accounts Officers or SAS Accountants or SOs of CSS with 3 years service) .(Ref: M/o Sur Tpt letter No.A 35017/1/99-E.I). dated 29.7.99).
8.9.99 Filling up of the post of Asstt. chief (FInance) in Central Electricity Regulatory commission in the pay scale of Rs 10,000-325-15200. (Eligibility: holding analogous post or 5 yrs in 8000-13500/ 6 yrs in 7500-12000/ 7 yrs in 7450-11500/ 8 yrs in 6500-10500)


Date Subject
13.8.99 Consequent upon their promotion from Junior time scale to Senior time scale the following officers of ICAS (1995 batch) have been posted as under:

1.Shri Vijay Kumar Singh, ACA, I&B as Dy.CA, Finance against existing vacancy.

2. Shri Bhaskar Verma, ACA, Agriculture as Dy. CA,Coal against existing vacancy.

3. Ms Rekha S.Raikar, ACA, CBEC, Mumbai as Dy.CA, CBEC, Mumbai against existing vacancy.

4. Shri Taranjit Singh, ZAO, CBDT, Amritsar as Dy.CA Home against existing vacancy.

5. Shri Praveen Nandwana, ACA, Water Resources as Dy. CA, I&B vice Shri Bhupal Nanda.

6. Shri Nitesh Kumar Mishra, ACA, Health & FW as Dy.CA, Health & FW vice Shri Babu Lal Singh.

7. Shri Sakesh Prasad Singh, ZAO, CBDT, Patna as FA&CAO, BNP, Dewas against existing vacancy

8. Shri Arvind Kumar, PAO, CBEC, Gazipur as Dy.CA, CBEC vice Shri I.B. Baweja

9. Ms Jaspal Kaur, ACA, Civil Aviation as Dy.CA, CBEC vice Shri R.K. Batra.

10. Shri S.T.Uke, ACA, CBDT, Mumbai as Dy.CA, CBDT, Mumbai against existing vacancy.

11. Shri Venkateshwar Prasad, ACA, HRD as Dy.CA, HRD vice Shri Dilip Kumar.

12. Shri E.L. Khawlhring, ACA, CBDT as Dy.CA, CBDT against existing vacancy.

13. Shri S.S. Chauhan, ACA, CEA as Dy.CA, CEA against existing vacancy.

14. Shri B.B. Sarkar, ACA, Surface Tpt as Dy.CA, Surface Tpt against existing vacancy.

15. Shri Chander Kant ACA, Science & Tech as Dy.CA Science & Tech against existing vacancy.

16. Shri K.P. Biswas, ACA, WR, Farakka as Dy.CA, WR, Farakka against existing vacancy.

17. Shri R.N. Singh, Dy.Director (A/cs), Fertilisers as ACGA against existing vacancy.

18. Shri R.C. Rastogi, ACA, Home Affairs as Dy.CA, Home Affairs against existing vacancy.

19. Shri R.K. Batra, ACA, CBEC as Dy. Director (A/cs), Fertilisers vice Shri R.N. Singh.

20. Shri P.C. Roy, ACA, INGAF, Calcutta as Dy.CA, Commerce against existing vacancy.

21. Shri N.S.K. Rao, ACA, Finance as Dy.CA, Finance against existing vacancy.

22. Shri P.D. Sharma, ACA, HRD as Dy.CA, HRD against existing vacancy.

23. Shri V.D. Joshi, ACA, Finance as Dy.CA, Finance against existing vacancy.

13.8.99 The following postings and transfers of Senior Time Scale have been ordered with immediate effect.

1. Shri Bhupal Nanda, Min of I&B to Min of RA&E vice Ms. Aastha S. Khatwani (on leave)

2. Shri I.B. Baweja, CBEC as Dy. Dir (A/cs), Deptt of Food against existing vacancy.

3. Shri Inder Pal, M/o Commerce to Min of Social Justice & Empowerment against existing vacancy.

4. Shri Babu Lal Singh, Min of Health & FW to Min of Commerce vice Sl.No.3 above.

31.8.99 Ms Renu Deshpande, Controller of Accounts, Min of Science and Technology has been appointed as Dy. Secretary in Min of Social Justice and Empowerment, New Delhi on deputation for a period of 4 years.
31.8.99 Shri P.K. Berwah, Controller of Accounts, Min of Urban Affairs and Employment is transferred and posted as Controller of Accounts, Min of Science and Technology vice Ms Renu C. Deshpande.


Date Subject
9.8.99 Correction slip No. 2 to Government Accounting Rules, 1990.

Appendix 5 Page 97

Delete the words "including travelling allowance" appearing in Para 1 of Part - B to Appendix 5.

This takes effect from 1.4.99

(Authority : T-14012/1/98-Codes)


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