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Last updated on : 28/01/2014

  1. Standaardized Audit Formats - Checklists - for PAOs with COMPACT, PAOs without COMPACT and Drawing & Disbursing Officers 
    OM No. G.25014/149/13/MF.CGA/IAD/454 Dated 24th January 2014
  2. Revised proforma for the enrolment of retired Government officials willing to be hired as Consultants  OM No. G.25014/131/2013/MF.CGA/IAD/320-359 Dated 6th January 2014
    Internal Audit Report  Template OMNo. G-25014/106/12/MFCGA/IAD/446-525 Dated 6/16th November 2012
  3. Guidance for Planning, Performing and Reporting on Internal Audit Engagements in the Government OM No. G-25014/4/8/07/MF.CGA/CoE/Inspection/425 Dated 31st August 2007
  4. Scheme of 'Integrated Financial Adviser' OM No. 5(6)/L&C/2006 Dated 1st June 2006