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Last updated on : 15/05/2012

Technical Advice

Ministries /Departments approach the Controller General of Accounts for advice on accounting procedures for new schemes, programmes or activities undertaken by them. The advice rendered by the CGA generally covers aspects related to maintenance of accounts, collection of receipts and it's crediting into Government account, release of payment and it's accounting, creation and operation of funds within Government accounts. The instructions of the Controller General of Accounts on Accounting matter is binding on the Ministries / Department. This Section is also responsible for administration and maintenance of Civil Accounts Manual.

RBD Section

Functions of RBD Section

  • Reconciliation of Cash Balance of Central Government as reported by RBI, CAS, Nagpur and differences under Major Head ‘8675’ Deposits with Reserve Bank.
  • Reconciliation of differences under Major Head-8675 ‘Deposits with Reserve Bank’, balances under Major Head-8658 ‘Public Sector Bank Suspense’ and Other Nominated Banks (ONB) suspense of all Civil Ministries and UTs.
  • Analyzing of the difference between Accounts and RBI figures.
  • Maintenance of “Reserve Bank Deposits” Broadsheet
  • Examination, finalization and settlement of all cases of penal interest on delayed remittance and excess/double reimbursement.
  • Authorization/de-authorisation of Banks for Government business.
  • Change of Accredited banks.
  • Forwarding of DMA-2 and CAS-122 statements to all the Ministries/Departments (received from RBI, CAS, Nagpur).
  • Liaison with the Government Link Cell, Nagpur.
  • Monitoring the position of Cash balance at RBI and keep a watch on the progress in the submission of Monthly Closing Balance Statements.
  • Information relating to Parliament Questions and draft paras pertaining to RBD section
  • Providing secretarial assistance to hold Standing Committee meeting, Apex Committee meeting, Core Group of Standing Committee Meeting, review the performance of Private Sector Banks and other various meetings.
    • Providing secretarial assistance for smooth implementation and proper management of e-payment system.